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PG 274: My Ambitions As A Rider

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss job training, trying to get on the list for the vaccine, starting schools back up, Black History library show, recording ads for Spotify, Kuroko’s basketball, listener feedback local news, reality show news and some bonus Fucking With Black People.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Hope all is well. I just have a few thoughts.

    1. Wandavision is so damn good. I am loving everything about the show, especially the way it has seamlessly incorporated Monica Rambeau into the MCU. I hope the show gets more people to look at Age of Ultron again because I think it gets unfair slander. For me, AoU is essential as it sets up everything that came next, Civil War, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Thor Ragnorok, Infinity War and End Game. The seeds for all of this, including Wandavision is right there.

    2. Gina Carano — Haha . she fucked around, found out, and got fired on her day off. How dumb do you have to be? You already knew that your name was left out the show that was originally set to be a vehicle for you, but your white Supremacist ass still thought you were above it. In the words of the Notorious BIG, “If you don’t know, now you know, nigga.”

    3. Joss Whedon — How many more times do we have to hear about this dude being a fuckboi extraordinaire before we see and hear the last of him? But hey, Bryan Singer is still laying in the cut somewhere, so I guess Whedon might not be on his last legs yet.

    4. Queen Sugar and Snowfall are creeping at our front doors and I can not wait.

  2. rodimusprime

    Greetings, my black friends. (Call me PSDiva95, I’m a teacher!)

    I am a teacher in SC, existing under the tyranny of Governor Foghorn Leghorn and state superintendent of education Mother Molly Spearman. During the term of office of #45, many Americans grew tired of hearing his voice. We in SC had the added pain of hearing the voice of oppression come from the mouths of our state leaders, too.

    I wanted to provide some insight into the current vaccination fight here. The elderly, ages 70 and up, medical personnel, and first responders were all included in our level 1A plan. Education professionals are in category 1B. The other week, our Guvnah started this version of his anti-public education scheme: let’s pit the “elderly” vs. teachers. Foghorn moved people ages 65-69 from category 1C, over those in 1B, up to 1A! He did this, while at the same time, ramping up his demands that teachers go “back to work” for five days of face to face instruction. First, I don’t know anybody in education that hasn’t been working, we never stopped after March 13th when we had to switch to virtual learning because of the quarantine. Second, my mother was barely included in 1A and she and most of her peers don’t consider themselves to be elderly, let alone people ages 65-69. Third, McMassa keeps throwing out words like, REPREHENSIBLE, IMMORAL, UNFORGIVABLE, etc. several times a day against teachers for wanting to freaking live! We have families, too.

    I could send you pictures of what Mother Molly and Foghorn have provided for our PPE. Foam boards with transparency film instead of plexiglass for the kids. Masks manufactured by an underwear company that are the same thickness as a pair of drawers. Inadequate sanitizing supplies for our buildings and facilities. They gave us something, so that they could say they provided PPE. It’s a whole shit show and McMassa is still doing things to impress #45 who still doesn’t care. We are miserable here!

    Hope this helps to inform your audience about what is happening in SC where it’s always “a great day in SC!” Not only do we have our national embarrassments of Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, we’ve got to deal with this, too. And, by the way, we can’t stand Tricky Nikki Haley either. Y’all can keep her, too.

    Love you Rod, Queen Karen, and J-Trill. Keep up the great work.

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