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2271: Bulletball 2021

Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Bulletball, Insurrection News, Coronavirus News, Bezos steps down, Trey Songz sextape leak, R. Kelly friend pleads guilty, men vs women’s side of the bed, Khloe Kardashian uses Black emojis, Golden Globes snub some Black shows, Morgan Wallen n-word video, officer who killed Tamir Rice joins football team, woman has a lot of My Little Ponies, body in the trunk, woman boards flight with no pass and sword ratchetness.

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  1. btouch

    The Bulletbll origin story never gets old. This was a great episode, and it’s always good to hear Justin on the main show.

    BTW – in reference to the movie section in the start, I made an error in the chat when the show was live about GOOD BURGER. I happened to pull it back up – there’s lots of cartoony violence, but there’s no guns. The bad guys stand around a bunch as IF they have guns the whole time, but they don’t have them. It works to fool kids, I guess, which is the point. My apologies – this is why the Good Lord has now given us HDTV.

  2. Kemdoc

    I ain’t even seen no shyt like this. I went through a range of emotions for the Bullet Ball extreme inventor. Inspiration. Elation for how he schooled the white nigga. Then Second hand embarrassment. Then Sadness. Laughter at the delusion. Then waves of concern. But then I was inspired that his invention went on to help those in need. So he’s apart of Black History. To FREEDOMMMMMMM!!!


    Great show as usual, I’m finally caught back on episodes the start of the Pandemic. I knew when I saw the episode in my feed on Thursday, that Friday was going to be fun. I truly look forward to the bullet ball episodes. I laughed so hard several times that I started coughing. I was laughing while I was in the bed trying to go to sleep. In the video, did you notice the English that he put on the ball, for the last “my point” that he scored. Keep up the great work, congratulations on the move to Spotify. Karens’ jokes are running on all cylinders! What more can I say “MY POINT”!

  4. FalconsDiva

    I started giggling as soon as I saw the title of this episode. It’s just as hilarious as the first time.

  5. EvieE

    This may be the third time I’ve heard the bulletball story and each time it gets funnier because you always manage to put a new spin on it. I always look forward to it. When you compared Marc to being a crack addict, I screamed. My favorite part is always when the lady asks him what he has after he sold everything I started cackling in anticipation when Marc says, “I have bulletball”
    If he would have let that white man win he might have had an investor. Always great when Justin is on.

    That country singer who said the n bomb is the same guy who was supposed to host SNL one night week but was pulled because he held an unmasked concert at a bar with hundreds of people. So I’m not surprised he’s trash. The most unsurprising part about this whole thing is that his streams went up this week as people threw their support behind him . Smh

  6. msmarysmile

    I had never heard that story and am so glad you retold it. I had always wondered about bullet ball and bullet ball extreme. That segment was the laugh out loud experience I needed this week. The whole thing was completely hilarious. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I was happy to hear his Olympic dreams came true.

  7. mizzbarnes

    This story NEVER gets old!!!

    Not at all. This urban legend of The Orgins of Bulletball is the The Black Guy Who Tips litmus test of how deranged we. are If Guess The Race doesn’t measure our Fuck-up-ness, The Orgins of Bulletball will…….and the story has a happy ending as well.
    Thank you Rod, Karen and Justin for providing us the reminder of how fucked up we are…LOL!

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