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2270: African American Travel Fee

Rod and Karen discuss the Trump administrations use of celebrity, insurrection news, Coronavirus news, Popeye’s changing the menu, Spicy McNuggets byke, American Airlines accused of racism, a daughter pursues justice after her father kills her Black boyfriend and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m sad Popeyes has removed the dirty rice but glad the red beans and rice is still on the menu otherwise I’d have to protest outside the Popeyes. Would you rate this up there with losing the Mexican pizza? You know what restaurant will never let you down? Arby’s

  2. rexsoleil

    saame ! As a (yet-to-be-vaccinated) high school teacher, I was LIVID when I heard the news about this SoulCycle white lady getting the vaccine because she was an educator. Felt so good to hear Rod roast her and all these other vaccine grifters. They are next-level assholes !

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod: “I’m a librarian because I be reading these niggas for filth.”

    Actual librarian: fell out the chair laughing.

    Damnit, I wish I could wear a tee shirt like that at work. DAMNIT, y’all funny. Thank you.

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