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TNO 165: From Haywire To The DailyWire

Rod, Karen, Chris Lamberth and LaShonda discuss listener feedback, Gina Carano MS not changing XBox Gold pricing, Live action Harry Potter series in the works, Japanese government could crack down on cosplay, Ninja says he’s not a role model, Borderlands casting, HBO Max hit subscriber goal ahead of expectation, Tomb Raider movie and anime news, Cloverfield movie coming, Google Stadia shuts down internal studios, Elon Musk rocket explodes, Xbox shortage could last until June, canned Zelda anime at Netflix, Gearbox bought, iPhone will allow unlocking with mask, Activision accused of stealing COD character, Bowie State getting animation studio, Daisy Ridley never returning to social media, hacker messing with water system, Mass Effect 2 initially removed LGBTQ storylines, Charisma Carpenter speaks out on Joss Whedon, Gamestop PS5 restock, Epic settles lawsuit against 14 year old, The Last Of Us casting, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur casting, Disney Plus hits 4 year subscriber goal in 14 months and PS5 scalpers.


  1. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here. Hope y’all are having a blessed day. Hi to the awesome guests joining my faves on the rotation this episode. Been enjoying going back to old nerdoffs while working 18 hour days on these anime lol. Really helps a dude get through the more tedious parts of the job.

    First things first, I just gotta give a shout-out to Paul Bettany’s cheeky behind for trolling Wandavision theorists so spectacularly. After last episodes ending I laughed for a straight hour realising what this man was talking about. And after the finale I’ve just been randomly laughing all day when I think about it. Honestly my favourite MCU actor after that. I hope more of the actors start trolling fans (especially the YouTube theorists), it’s so fun to watch.

    As for the finale itself, Wandavision was great from start to finish. While I wanted more sitcom shenanigans, I really do love those first 3 episodes with a passion. Like vision said, “a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts”. They really got me to fall in love with this couple man, they both so damn attractive. Easily on par with Lucifer in terms of how hot the leads are. I now have a newfound appreciation for Mr Bettany. Now I just hope he doesn’t end up on the daily wire like the last person on a Disney plus show I really liked who ended up disappointing me.

    Adding to what Lashonda said, as the MTR network doctor who Sheffield correspondent, she is correct. Starting from the 2005 series is the best starting point. I started watching it when that series started (I was 12 at the time lol) and like Wanda, I used it to help me with my English when i was still getting used to living in the UK. I’ve watched it ever since and enjoyed how it’s evolved. I dropped off for a bit but when the current series was announced to be set in my city (Sheffield) I’ve just been vibin lmao.

    Lastly, folks are not ready for a Coates Superman bruv, they barely even appreciate the stellar work he’s done for Cap and T’challa. I can’t bloody wait to see him finesse this shit. While I’m wary of JJ’s involvement, when he’s just producing I tend to enjoy the stuff he’s involved in. He’ll be able to put a stellar team around coates if this ends up materialising. Given this is WB imma take the announcement with a grain of salt but as long as Snyder ain’t involved I have a bit of hope for this. Would be nice to bring Cavill back and give him a script he can actually do a good superman with but won’t be mad if they pick someone new.

    Also, the huge boruto episode I hinted at is this Sunday, the stuff I’ve seen is nuts so it’s gonna be fun for sure. Ok, look forward to the show, love y’all, Felix out.

  2. Amani

    I mean, do we even need to say it? Wandavision 6 outta 5, Feige tears. As if we expected anything less. Now imagine if this hadn’t been a panny, and we’d been getting Doctor Strange in 2 months like the original schedule. They did that shit!

    I know Rod saw Feige’s quotes about Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This show has always been on it, but I can’t WAIT to collect them apologies Nick Spencer is owed. We tried to tell folks while it was happening, but you’re not gonna be able to take out of context panels and just run with the shit now. Everybody watching this shit. 

    And I know y’all got the story, but as disappointed as we were when the Avatar creators left the Netflix series, to see they ended up back at Nick? And they’re doing an animated movie and opening their own studio? Oh nigga let’s go!

    P.S. Shout out to Queen Karen locking DOWN that PS5!

  3. BigGbengTheory

    Hey Nerd Off fam. I want to share some resources for those looking to get a Next-Gen console that helped me get an Xbox and PS5.

    1. Octoshop : Octoshop is a google chrome plugin that will send you a browser alert when the consoles comes back in stock from just about every retailer selling one online. Also when shopping online in general, It automatically does a price check and lets you know if what you’re looking for is cheaper somewhere else.

    2. Hotstock : Hotstock is an app that sends notifications to your phone when the systems come back in stock with a direct link to the site so you can immediately add either to your cart. The only downside is that you can only follow one system at a time.

    3. Nowinstock.net : Nowinstock.net follows every site that sells the next-gen consoles and logs there in stock times. Also they have a sms text alert feature that can help you get the jump on a console restock.

    Hope this helps. Happy Gaming.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and whomever is in the nerd rotation this time around.

    Last episode TNO165 Rod said he keeps meaning to start Doctor Who but gets intimidated by how much there is which is hella relatable for me. I feel this often over nerd stuff I haven’t tried yet so I thought I’d give a suggestion from a life long Whovian. I’ve watched every episode (classic & modern) and do a rewatch of modern Who annually. It’s my absolute favorite nerdom. I’ve even named my service dog The Doctor so I can be The Doctor’s companion.

    First, just like LaShonda mentioned you don’t need to go back and watch the old Doctor Who that we call “Classic Who” and can just start with “modern Who” or the 2005 series’s (in the uk they use series not season but it’s the same thing). The old Who is cool for folks to know about especially when there are multi-Doctor cross overs but they are hard to watch for anyone other than uberfans, mostly because they had no budget, so I always suggest skipping them. If you watch all the modern Who and are a junkie then go back, they’ll always be there. Plus if anything is confusing because they show or mention old stuff google will help fill in the small gaps you may notice in your knowledge.

    That said while you can start at season 1 episode 1 (2005) it also can be hard to get into because it has no budget at all, especially that first episode. Stay with it like Clone Wars because starting in Season 2 it really picks up and becomes more adult over the next few seasons.

    What I suggest to my friends who want to start Doctor Who but are having trouble is to watch a specific episode or 2 to see if they like it and then after they are hooked I say start s1e1.

    I tell folks to start with season 3 episode 10 “Blink” because it gives you all the rules of the universe and is fun. If you like that then start at s1e1 because then you’ll know that it does get way better. There are many theories as to which episode(s) to watch to get folks started (I’ve spent hours reading different theories about this online) but this is mine.

    Anyways HBOMAX has it all and plays in order even with all the specials so good luck and I hope you enjoy The Doctor.


  5. aguycalledjeff

    I graduated from Bowie’s (boo-wee) VCDMA (Vis Com & Digital Media Arts)program, so I know Professor Williams (the department chair) and I’m excited to see his vision for us having a proper animation program come to light! I’d come through his office and shoot the shit and he’d be like, “Yeah man, I’m trying to get this animation program together. I’m working on this curriculum, I’m working on this proposal. I’m trying to get new Macs for the lab. etc.” And this was back in 2013, so yeah, this is a well-deserved win for Bowie and HBCU’s in general. I’m proud as fuck right now bruh.

  6. trojanscooter

    Big Nerd Moments: 1) Seeing Diana using the Lasso to slide that adorable black girl (who looks similar to Star Blossom) into the teddy bear. 2) The opening scenes of Iron Man 2 set to AC/DC. 3) Seeing Billy jump off of the roof say Shazam! 4) Seeing Darla transform into her superhero form and using her speed to save two people then tell Santa she’s been a good girl and 5) Black Canary unleashing her cry following the big battle in Birds of Prey.

  7. trojanscooter

    What’s up Nerd Off crew!? Just wanted to take a moment to talk about what I’m reading.

    1) Future State Wonder Woman: I love Yara. She is brave, funny, and intelligent. I really appreciate how Joelle James weaved Brazilian mythology into the greater Amazon and DC mythos. Her first adventure is classic Wonder Woman. If you read the first few issues of America Chavez it has a similar feel. Before anyone goes “yeah let’s see what DC does with the character”, Yara will continue her adventures as Wonder Girl.


    2). Vixen Truth & Justice is about Mari balancing her career as a top model (with a heroics clause in her contracts), a member of the Global Guardians (who have an African member with powers similar to Flash) and a totem bearer. Oh and she’s apart of The League. Is there anything Mari can’t do? Lol

    3) Future State Justice League is your Dad’s and our League. Yes they have taken the mantles but they don’t operate like their predecessors. For good reason. Thing is tho Superman (Jon) wants that old thing back. If that doesn’t intrigue you, how about a genderqueer Flash dating Aquawoman?

    4) Future State Superman Wonder Woman does a great job of fleshing out Yara and Jon as a duo and solo heroes. The secondary story towards the middle meshes their origins and Illuminates (hint hint) their potential.

    5) Captain America by Coates – what else needs to be said.

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