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2287: Death To Sugar Grits

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Sugar not going on grits, Pepe Le Pew op-ed, Cardi deactivates again, kindergarten yoga Black History class, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, landlord kidnaps tenants, woman sentenced for killing nail salon manager, man arrested after live streaming himself with two bodies and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I kind of thought the joke about Pepe Lepew was that he was a creep. But maybe I’m wrong I’m just surprised that no one is going after Slow poke Rodriguez or that mammy in Tom and Jerry. Those are two racist charicatures but honestly I don’t know the rules.

  2. mizzbarnes

    I made shrimp and grits for dinner the night this went live and the first thing that I thought of is how in the name of God can someone fuck up such a delicious dish with sugar. Just an bunch of hooker heathens, if you ask me.

  3. rexsoleil

    Can’t wait to give this a listen while I get some dinner going. I’m glad you two are back… and even more glad to hear you made the most of your week off ! Jet setting from Florida to Cancun to North Dakota to Texas, going maskless in the swingers clubs… just living your best lives now that the pandemic is over, y’know ? ❤️

  4. Mary

    I repudiate the name of this episode! Being Filipino, we tend to put sugar on everything — even mashed potatoes and spaghetti. Can’t we blend two cultures? I see this as a missed opportunity to “reach across the aisle.” Love the show. Thank you.

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