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2289: Women Belong In The Kitchen

Rod and Karen discuss Piers Morgan quitting his job, Burger King deletes tweet for International Women Day, KKK sends flyers out, cops who danced with BLM stormed capitol, Papa John scrubs the n-word from vocabulary, charges dropped against Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Laguna Hotel apologizes to Black family, Amanda Gorman’s Dutch translator steps down and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod &Karen

    Thank you to the universe, for us finally getting Piers Morgan out the paint! His removal was long overdue and it still irks me that Britain had him on Good Morning Britain – you would think they would want someone who was like I don’t know ….like … actually sincere …hosting lol.

    I did a deep dive on his career history Rod &Karen and surprise , surprise guess where he started out …, the British fucking tabloids yall (phone hacking scandal and all) that explains everything smdh.

    He really thought he had a shot with Meghan mwhahahahahahaha , anyways thanks for another great funny & informative episode Rod and Karen.


    • trey_swindu744

      Also , I just remembered I wanted to add Rod & Karen it has been great hearing from Black Britain’s talking about the racism they experience over there in the U.K. Their perspective is definitely one I want to hear more about , for all the differences and similarities we experience as black people worldwide I bet if we all do the research – the similarities out-way the differences.

      Thanks again y’all

  2. SuavyP

    On the latest episode of “Up Jumps the Racist”… first Piers Morgan storms off his show for receiving just a tiny dose of what he’s been dishing to Megan Markle over the past 2 years…now ANOTHER beloved Britt, Sharon Ozzy Ozborne, has decided to throw a full blown hhhwhyte tantrum on live tv because her black co host questioned her for standing by her good ol friend, Piers and his decision to constantly harass the former Dutchess. It’s a touchy subject, this racism is. And it appears to have struck the supposedly non-existent racist bone that every racist person claim they don’t have in their entire body. It’s funny how that always works isn’t it?
    Next weeks episode, we’ll cover the racist announcer in Oklahoma that was caught on a hot mic calling a girl’s basketball team the N-word, for simply kneeling during the national anthem. You’ll never guess what he blamed his racist behavior on…
    Back to you Rod and Karen!

  3. EvieE

    Piers Morgan has been a shit stain on society for years. I lived when that brotha went in on him. I honestly think he’s secretly in love with Meghan and he was also mad he didn’t get an invite to the wedding. He’s very transparent.

    Also Arby’s would never say women belong in the kitchen because they support all women getting the meats.

  4. Mdiarra

    Man that Burger King tweet was just not smart. But I can’t wait for their Juneteenth celebration tweet in the US. Boutta be like “Blacks belong in the fields”… “And right now we have a lack of Black farmers in America! Thats why we are donating some of our proceeds to Black farmers and to get more Black americans to become farmers!”

  5. hirojashibe

    This why I eat at Arby’s you never have to worry about the place Where the Meats are at doing something like this on Social Media or in person.

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