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BDS 389: Big Booby Blondes

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Les Miles investigation, Meyers Leonard antisemitic slur, new basketball league will pay HS players, first ever Black woman NFL official hired, Johnny Damon DUI arrest, Washington dance team, Rangers will allow full capacity, Brittany Matthews, Brett Favre, Seahawks beefing with Russ, Aaron Rodgers family drama, Lebron keeping vaccine status private, Skip Bayless signs new contract, Valerie Loureda starting her own site, International Women’s Day posts, Le’Veon Bell having another baby, Anfernee Simon’s girlfriend gets harassed online, ND player flips off crowd, announcer trashes wife during replay delay, wall falls on ESPN analyst, Rachel Bush hating on vaccine, Kadarius Toney’s rap career, ban on transgender athletes in Mississippi, Jeremy Lin, Duke done for season, Indians owner wants to change the culture, Khloe wants a gut full of Tristan and NFL salary cap decreasing.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and J. Whedon

    Whew the internet is fed up with that nigga Joss! Almost as bad as Justin out here coming with facts and sports analysis last show? I didn’t pay my hard earned money for that shit! Get it together.

    But I’ve been watching y’all on league pass for a minute and I’m hoping for a Nets/Hornets playoff series. That shit would be fun. Your boy LaMelo is special, and Rod gets to take his victory lap on Hayward every game. Meanwhile my Knicks took the top 2 seeds in the East to one possession games on the road on a back-to-back with half our roster out. It’s wild how good it feels to just be barely competent again after being trash for so long. 

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen Jollin Sexton,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    Did Collin Sexton like a tweet from someone saying that Kevin Love’s $120 million contract was the heist of the century? Yes. Was the tweet wrong? I mean…does it count as stealing if the money is coming from terrible people? Sure, ethics and principles matter, but Kevin Love is stealing raggedy ass Dan Gilbert’s money, so I don’t see the problem.

    I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 8 years and I’ve long said it could always be worse at QB, but I always meant that as “stick with this mediocre QB y’all have now, cuz you could end up with a worse one” and not “oh you niggas about to pass each ring of QB hell”. Mitch Trubisky is gone to Buffalo as a back-up and the Bears, a team that has never had a QB throw for 4000 yards or 30 TDs in a season…signed Andy Dalton. Intentionally. Down bad and getting worse. You hate to see it.

    Meyers Leonard really had a trade taped to his stupid forehead and got sent to the wilds of Oklahoma for his career to die. Couldn’t have happened to a better person!

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you as always for the shows!



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jubba Wallace

    Bubba’s crew chief went full dumb & cost his driver a top-10 finish at Phoenix by being the only dude who stayed out on 10 lap old tires with under 50 to go to be the leader, but he quickly backsled outside the top-10 like hearing “back to life, back to reality” on echo. Dude ran about 11th to 15th for a good chunk of the event & if he pitted with everyone else with under 50 to go, barring potential pit miscues (equipment/car outside pit box, speeding, etc) could’ve had their first top-10 of the year. Now, if they attempted that same no tire strategy on lap 30 in prep for a restart, that would’ve been a smart assessment for what NOT to do later on. Instead, 23 team played themselves into thinking, if we just get this dude in clean air, he’d leave them boys in the dust. Nope. Didn’t work that way & usually doesn’t, especially will cars restarting double file like a regular start to a race. Finished 16th.

  4. stylenosh

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin,
    I hope you guys are doing well after a year of quarantine.
    2021 was a rough start for my Kansas City Chiefs. There’s nothing like a good ole’ ass kicking to realign your chakras and the core of your offensive line.

    Congrats to Brittany Mathews and Patrick Mahomes for having their baby. I think the year is looking up for Patrick already. I hear they set a wedding date for 2022 and yes, I believe Justin will be paying Rod his $25.

    That’s it. Just wanted to check in and shout out Justin for having one fact last week. It motivated me to pause my 12-hour work day and leave this comment. More facts from Justin, please.

    Thanks for another amazing show! Be good to yourself.

  5. fyahworks

    H ello
    Rod, Karen, and for the second week in a row (jeyer Leonard)

    So last week Meyer learned a K word and this week he learned another K word! Kicked out! Miami traded his “I didn’t know what that word meant” ass to Okc (the middle of nowhere).

    Shout out to the king! We normally don’t speak baseball ( Atleast in a positive way) but bron bought into the Boston Red Sox! He also owns piece of Liverpool, a top soccer team in England who want the championship last year! He got the school! Production company! Liquor! What can’t this man do? True king shit!

    We haven’t spoke on the Knicks in a while, not in a bad way At least, but this week, Legend ( if you wanna call him that, Patrick Ewing, one of the most recognizable Knick players spoke out on how he has been treated when he shows up to the garden. Not surprised! Look how Oakley has been treated at the garden in the past, and if I’m not mistaken he is banned! But in the words of Tiffany from insecure: “ they not used to nice things”

    You guys have a wonderful weekend


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