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2292: Black Scavenger Hunt

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Kirk Franklin apologizes, MI doctors playing games, Pepe Le Pew reward offered, Sharon Osbourne follow up, Hollywood loses 10 billion a year being racist, HBO responds to Black Face controversy, the royal family follow up and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I know I ain’t shit for this but I laughed my ass off hear that Kirk Franklin video. But I did know his son was a grown man before I heard the tape. If I wasn’t always saved a person it would be Kirk Franklin.

    I don’t know what happened between that family but not sure why his son thought people wouldn’t have an opinion when he posted a private conversation to a very public forum. Hope this family can find the healing and peace they clearly need even if it means cutting each other off and moving on with their lives.

  2. btouch

    As a Negro with a degree in animation, can I just say that this Pepe Le Pew shit is the dumbest “controversy” I’ve heard in a minute? It’s like now that we don’t have an executive branch full of Dick Tracy villains to comfort them, racist white men and the women that stupidly listen to them have to fish for shit to be offended by and run on Fox News 24/7.

    To the actress offering a reward to someone willing to defy Ryan Coogler and break their NDA on “Space Jam: A New Legacy” – sorry your scene got cut, but don’t ask people to risk their jobs for footage of you interacting with a tennis ball on a stick.

    I understand her reasoning for why the scene should stay, but that reasoning also requires a familiarity with Looney Tunes and Pepe Le Pew, and today’s kids barely know who Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are. I think it would be better to figure out how to address the Pepe thing outside of a summer family film – or not at all, because the deceleration of Pepe started _years_ ago. As did the redesign of Lola Bunny and whatever other nonsense Tucker Carlson is focused on.

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