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PG 280: Are You Happy Now?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the bathroom crisis that ended the last show, doing taxes, a package that USPS lost and Doordash customer service with an attitude.


  1. Mdiarra

    Whats up family!
    Hope yall doing well. I know yall talked about the Derrick Jaxn thing on the regular show but did yall see his wifes other instagram post. (heres the link https://www.instagram.com/p/CMz55oOsQyH). She was out here ready to go to war for her man! Phew the church and Derrick really got her messed up. But I have seen sooo much projecting with the Derrick Jaxn situation and it seems everybody dunking. The hoteps, the wokes, and everybody in between had a take on this that was interesting.

    Hope yall doing well post vaccine shots! I for one can’t wait for mine so I can start getting some Krispy Kreme donuts! You mean I get a free donut a day and everybody mad? WHAT?!? The internet has been wild this past week and folks need to log off. I honestly think without the Chaos of the Trump administration folks are getting jumpier now, and dont know what to direct their anger and frustration to. I just hope folks can start getting vaccinated so they can do more things besides getting mad at News headlines. But then again im doing the same shit so let me shut my hypocritical ass up!

    Also Justin if you have been watching Love and Marriage Huntsville, idk how Melanie hasn’t stabbed Martell multiple times by now. This dude is disrespectful!

    Anyways stay safe out here!

  2. chubbzero

    What’s up Karen, rod and Justin?Hope all is well this week. Rod, I know I’m late as hell but that joe Biden/2nd shift manager analogy was chef kiss! Being that fast food was my 1st job I know all to well about that night manager coming in talking cash shit! Have y’all seen that progressive ad where the 2 white girls are in the laundromat and the one girl wants to holla at the young brother? She takes off her glasses and he seems like he’s gonna say something to her and Flo [out of nowhere] pops up? Every time I see that commercial I say to myself “Flo don’t like no interracial dating ” where was you January 6th bitch!? I got my older brother watching snowfall. He started last month and now he’s caught up! He says it’s the best show on TV right now![ I agree]. We both agreed that even though breaking bad was critically acclaimed we really couldn’t get into it cause of whiteness. But this snowfall. And it looks like that falcon and the winter soldier is gonna tackle that ‘ism. Alright y’all have a good week. Peace!

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Karen and Justin

    I recently started watching Snowfall. I have to agree with Rod. Snowfall is the only show that I root for villain. I just want Franklin to win!

    Thank you for the joy and laughter you all bring to my life. My favs!

    Tori B.

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