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BDS 390: DeShaun, What Son?!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Lebron become Red Sox part owner, Patrick Ewing accosted by MSG security, Collin Sexton likes tweet about Kevin Love being overpaid, MSU Spartans name change, Derion Kendrick arrested, Marvin Hagler passes, Cam Newton re-signed, Drew Brees retired, Khloe shouting out Tristan, Zach Ertz wants out of Philly, Indiana raises money to fire coach, Geno Auriemma gets Covid, Jeremy Lin identifies player who was racist to him, Simone Biles new boo thang, Sister Jean, PJ Tucker traded, Deshaun Watson accused of multiple sexual assaults and Black people are defending him hard, Venessa Bryant reveals cops names, Cam Newton time traveling, Jameis re-signs with Saints, Russell Okung’s bitcoin bet pays off, LaMelo with an IG model, Shawn Bradley paralyzed, Broder Washington arrested, #NotNCAAProperty, Kellen Winslow sued, Dontavious Jackson dealing with racism, new NFL TV deal, NCAA sexist weight room disparity, Mauro Icardi and wife have sex 12 times a day, A Rod and J-Lo back together and Larry Johnson worst conspiracy yet.


  1. jswilliams800

    What’s good!

    What do you guys think of Draymond Green saying he is the best defender to ever play in the NBA? Is he even top 10? Gary Payton, David Robinson, Tony Allen and Dennis Rodman to name a few. The donkey is crazy!

  2. fyahworks

    What’s good
    Rod, Karen, and lemon pepper jou Williams

    Man did Lou will get traded to the hawks or the strip club? King of diamonds gonna have to step up their wing order now! Very surprised the clips gave up both their former 6th man of the year players and now kinda don’t have no bench!

    What you guys think about Aaron Gordon getting traded to the Denver chicken nuggets? And Orlando basically wiping out their whole core?

    What was you guys favorite trade if any?

    Rip to Elgin Baylor

    And you guys have a blessed one

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