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SMR 335: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Rod does a solo review of the Zack Snyder cut of “Justice League.” And he responds to a comment from his last solo review.


  1. Sean

    I finally finished this movie. Actually, this is the first time I listened to the review before the movie, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it.

    That being said, I though Batman was much better in the Joss version. The opening sequence and relying on a plan rather than faith really made this failed Daredevil a halfway decent Batman… In the Snyder cut it seemed like more of a glorification of irrational belief and a redemption arc because he was somehow in the wrong in BvS. It seemed to accentuate all the flaws in Afflek’s portrayal of Batman. (Also, while I agree that the shift in the Lois arc made Lois slightly stronger, it also detracted from Batman, who basically had no plans at any point during the movie).

    I think my impression from the theatrical release hasn’t changed much. It was a movie made without putting the work in. One of the key reasons that Snyder’s version worked better was because it came AFTER Aquaman. If he had taken the quarter of a Cyborg film and made it a whole film released before JL, it would have been better. If he had released a Batman film before BvS, both films would have been better. If he had done a Flash movie before JL it would have been better. If he had taken the quarter of a Death of Superman film and made it a whole film and released it before JL, it would have been better.

    Snyder is the type of kid that doesn’t do any of the work all semester, turns in a C-level (being generous) final paper and then complains that he didn’t get an A.

    While Joss Whedon’s version wasn’t as good, does anyone think Snyder could have made a theatrical release in 2017 that was as good?

    I came into this hoping that I could add a third movie to the Zach Snyder worthy of watching movie list (300 and Watchmen), but alas, he has shown his Wisconsin roots once more by serving up another cheesy movie that is somewhat enjoyable for a short while before your stomach starts getting queezy…


    I’m actually at peace with this whole Snyder Cut rigmarole. It was exhaustive when I sat through three viewings of Batman vs. Superman (including one viewing of that film’s Ultimate Cut), Two bad viewings of Suicide Squad, Two enjoyable viewings of Wonder Woman & One viewing of Joss Whedon’s Justice League. I wanted off the ride after that, even though, I think the theatrical Justice League is just a’ight but I’m just glad that this film is out, so I don’t have to hear anymore droning about this film. While Zack Snyder’s own endeavor for Justice League is an admirable one that clears up lots of fault with the original cut, it’s nonetheless a marathon to witness. Now, I did manage to enjoy this with a fuck it-type of attitude, which is really the best way to enjoy this film, especially with scenes flowing better here than the other version. Ray Fisher, I thought was just fine & it was nice to see how Cyborg’s backstory was fleshed out. Pretty much the principal cast got better depth of their backstories vs. the 2017 film. However, as much as things are improved from Joss Whedon, this film is just marginally better because the core story felt intact, just with fleshed-out characters. This redux is about as good as it was going to get, no matter which vision you’d prefer. It was decent, but I ain’t got another 4 hours left in me for this.

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