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2298: I’m Sorry Mrs. Jaxn

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, more Teen Vogue fall out, Quavo and Saweetie break up, Kirk Franklin, Derrick Jaxn’s affair and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’ve seen some of those Derrick Jaxn vids on Facebook but I figured he was going the opposite direction of Steve Harvey. It’s all bogus because no one has the answers. But nothing tells me this is a griff more than the video of Derrick reacting to his own apology in third person like it wasn’t him in the video.


    Mind you this was posted by someone else because he posted got roasted and deleted but people captured it before he deleted so it’s still out there. I laughed so hard.

  2. SuavyP

    Loved your cover of the Derrick “Action” Jaxn controversy earlier this week. Man he must’ve really pissed a lot of people off because it’s been almost a week now and the jokes just keep coming. And the stories just keep getting worse. I don’t see how anyone could take his advice seriously after all of this. I understand people make mistakes, but how could he possibly think he could move like that in his real life while portraying himself as the perfect man to a certain audience and not think his dirt would get exposed??! you hate/(low-key)love to see it

  3. JustSayin88

    I wanted to comment on the Teen Vogue thing. I do think it is out of line for people to hold adults to things they said when they were young teenagers. It is punitive and often times done purely out of spite. But I can’t help but admit that I do think it is okay when teenagers have college admittances rescinded when they get exposed for doing and saying racist things to fellow classmates, teachers, etc. But the way I reconcile this is that college admission is based on what a student did in high school. It limits the window of time. Your admission into a university is based on the grades you got in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade. Your admission is based on the disciplinary actions you may have received in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade. SO, in turn, your racist behavior in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade matters. And schools have a right to worry about it when letting a person into their student body. Often times, these students get caught up because they have done a stack of things considered offensive or racist over an extended period of time and some student is keeping the receipts (I like to think of those students as “Black Twitter CSI Junior”). There needs to be a time limit, but I can understand if a person disagrees with my very specific stance. Think about the Las Vegas mass shooting. There was a country artist that performed for that event that felt strongly about the 2nd amendment beforehand, but a single, massive, life altering event changed their stance completely. And that change in ideas took place immediately. There is more nuance to the situation than most people would choose to acknowledge.

  4. TammyB86

    In reference to the Teen Vogue story, I definitely cringe when I see some of my old Facebook posts from my 20’s. As for the Derrick Jaxn’s story I only have seen him once through mutual friends. His content wasn’t for me. I am a little leering of relationship “advisers” or couple content. I can’t. The streets truly lit him up. You both had me cracking up this episode.

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