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2308: Counsel Culture

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Isley’s vs EWF vs Steve Harvey, DMX in hospital from overdose, Nick Cannon speaks on his growth, Texas GOP candidate is anti-Chinese, teacher gets caught being racist on Zoom, woman is racist waiting on bagels, Goodwill worker finds 42K, OK woman works with love to kill her husband, incest murder and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mary

    Hi, this is a comment on the poll and the previous discussion about taking stuff from your job. After a terrible battle with alcoholism and drug addition, I ended up getting sober. Yay, right? Well, one of the things you are “suggested” to do in a 12-step program is to not only live honestly from that day forward, but to also go back and make amends to all the people you have harmed. I thought that meant just saying “I’m sorry” to a bunch of people…Imagine my shock and horror when my sponsor told me to make a list of all the people and places I had stolen from, write a dollar amount next to them, and then pay them back!!! WTF. I had to go back to Sam Goody’s record store and pay them for all the tape cassettes and CDs I’d shoved in my pants during my shifts (about $800!), and Numero Uno for the toilet paper and free wine I had taken. As my friend said “I wouldn’t have taken so damn much if I’d known I was gonna have to pay it back!” And as for this poll, one day I excitedly told my sponsor I had gotten “free” gas at the gas station because I only paid for $5 and the pump gave me $20…Yup, you know how this ends. She had me go back there the next day an pay them $15. So obviously I would have had to give the $42,000 back. Anyway, good news, I’m still sober decades later, so the hit to the pocketbook was worth it.

  2. EvieE

    I don’t know how that Asian GOP candidate doesn’t think that the people she’s pandering to doesn’t feel the same way about her. I can only imagine the microagressions white people say right to her face. I’ve noticed that the so called model minority trope hurts Asians more than uplifts them because it emboldens white people to say crazy stuff I. Asian people’s presence because they feel “safe” . I had a co worker a long time ago, a white guy with an Asian wife, at the company party he said right in front of her that he married her because women in her culture are more submissive. I was so embarrassed for her.

  3. msmarysmile

    Good morning Rod and Karen. Regarding merch. We need stand alone merch that says “Oh noooo!” I know there are items that include the phrase but Karen’s exclamation is too good not to stand alone. When she says it, I know the topic is especially egregious. Love you guys!

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