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PG 282: Rhythm Method On The 1’s and 3’s

Rod, Justin, Karen and Rodney discuss corporal punishment of children, Justin’s vacation, the vaccination, getting takeout vs eating in, beer, Seaspiracy, writing checks, Target vs Wal-Mart, a new baby on the way, listener feedback and Pre-game News.

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  1. fyahworks

    Howdy Rod, Karen, & Justin

    First and foremost it was great having ya brother on the pregame/bds he is funny and cool as fuck.

    1. I wanted to chime in on the whole att u verse fiasco you been having Rod, I’m in New York so I’m not familiar with u verse except that one time staying in an air bnb in Miami. But do you guys not have on demand? Where you can still catch all them cheaters episodes? And the rest of shows you have recorded? Rip/ thoughts and prayers to that dvr box tho.

    Speaking of Rest In Peace. All imma say is snowfall! Whew! But I do have a question for y’all niggaz.. this current season, without the late John singleton, how would you fair it against the previous seasons with him being around?

    2. Karen I’m celebrating my birthday this Saturday! (Aries gang) shout out to all the Aries behind the Paywall.

    Love y’all
    Appreciate y’all

    Until next time

    Fyahworks out….

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