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BDS 392: White Wife Pride

Rod, Justin, Karen and Rodney discuss listener feedback, KD slides in Rapaport’s DMs,  Paul Pierce fired from ESPN, Roy Williams retires, Hubert Davis new UNC coach, Malik Beasley, Brandon Marshall yelling, Jodyn Woods and KAT not engaged, Derrius Guice accused of sexual harassment, Satan Shoes backlash, fans want to boycott Olympics, Christian Wood’s GF, Teanna Trump, Lebron increases ownership in Liverpool, ETSU coach out for supporting kneeling, MLB moves All-Star game, Dolphins owner divorce, Draymond says women athletes complaining, Von Miller’s ex-gf shows off baby bump, 50 Cent troll Paul Pierce, Shaq pays for another man’s engagement ring, Travis Rudolph charged with murder, AZ fires Sean Miller, Panthers trade for Sam Darnold and Deshaun Watson news.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What is do Rod, Karen and Jaron Donald,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    The Cleveland Browns signed Jadevon Clowney and I am not used the Browns doing something competent in light of a successful season. It’s gonna suck when they snap back to reality and do something powerfully headassed and ruin the team, ain’t it? Oh well. Might as well enjoy things while they’re going good.

    Is it wrong that the wildest thing to me about Aaron Donald whopping that dude’s ass in the club is that buddy’s head is still connected to his shoulders? Nigga look like Thanos with a shape-up and somebody else on Twitter was swearing they could take Donald in a fight cuz Donald’s muscle mass would slow him down *and* Donald is only 6’1. Y’all got any favorite outlandish claims from folks about what they’d do against a pro athlete?

    Thank you as always for the dope shows and have a wonderful weekend y’all!


  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod Karen and my jigga. Kyrie went full lady at the end of twenty two twos on this one. I must say I’m ok with Kyrie not wanting to be called nigga but he can get out of here lecturing us on the use of nigga. And my other problem with it was the white people talking about who should and shouldn’t use it. I don’t think I’ll ever be ok with that. Also as a Laker fan I must say Vogel does not get enough credit. Here’s why other coaches who have coached LeBron there has always been some tension especially with Blatt. I think Vogel needs some appreciation of putting ego aside and embracing the idea of having LeBron give direction out there on the court. And there has not been one controversy with the coach in the two years he has been there. Also with no AD or Bron this team is still paying top 5 defense and have manage to have around a .500 record in there absence. That’s it for my Lakers appreciation messaged. Peace niggas only. And Oh yeah Molly was right Watson should be on that NFL lay low list. Seems like NFL is going to be reactionary to this one too.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jyrie Irving

    If anybody was gonna get Black folks kicked out of a game for saying Nigga wouldn’t your first guess have been Kyrie? We’ve seen KDs DMs I know he’s heard that all year let alone his whole life playing ball, was it the German accent that set him off? Sounding too much like Dirk triggering flashbacks?

    And shout out to that Bridges dunk for letting the national folks know how good the Hornets broadcasters are. That boy got UP!

  4. jswilliams800

    Hey Y’all!

    After the Lakers embarrassed the Nets last weekend, Kyrie Irving decided to use more PTO time off. How much PTO does this Nigga have? Oops I shouldn’t have said
    “Nigga”. My bad Kyrie! The Nets are good but if the three of them don’t have continuity, do you see them beating a healthy Lebron, Davis and Drummond?

    Keep up the good work

  5. SuavyP

    What up Rod, Karen and P J.ustin Tucker…. I’m not at all surprised at the news of Melo Ball possibly dating Teyanna Trump. It makes complete sense due to the fact that IG model Brittany Renner and Teyanna Trump are besties. The two gals used to appear on bundleofbrittany’s IG live quite frequently and they even did an interview together on Van Lathan’s then “Red Pill” podcast when Renner was doing press for her “groupie tales” book. Now that Renner hit the jackpot with PJ, i’m sure she’s now put her homegirl Teyanna on to Young Melo. All i gotta say is keep an eye out on teyanna’s ig page to see if she goes from showing butts, to hiding her stomach and turning the comments section off…. Which reminds me… can a brotha get a “Swavy P” was Right” shout out?!? I feel like Rod took the credit for my weeks of hard thorough investigative journalism when it was confirmed that Brittany was indeed pregnant with PJ’s baby. You know how many hours of investigating side profile and stomach hiding pictures i had to thumb through and analyze to come to the conclusion that she was knocked up?? For a person who initially followed bundleofbrittany’s IG page strictly for butts, i had to get to the bottom of this “no butts” nonsense! Lol… Great show last week you guys!


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