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PG 283: Tint Meter

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss their weeks, Snowfall, Black trauma in TV, listener feedback and local news.


  1. R_tick_chick

    Pregame politics

    Hi Karen, Rod, and Justin. Just wanted to say I love the Pregame and to an extent, Balls Deep (even though I hate sports). One of my favorite parts of this show (aside from the genuine friendship) is the discussion of local politics. I don’t live anywhere near y’all, but I find it all fascinating. Rod, I know you listen to a bunch of podcasts, but I just started The Improvement Association and I’m hooked! I assume you all are aware of it since it focuses on the elections in Bladen County, NC. I think I remember you all talking about an election scandal that was connected to the story. If you have time, I’d love to hear you guys’ take on that podcast and how it may affect future elections.

    Love y’all!

  2. rodimusprime

    Karen, Rod, Justin…

    Justin kinda looks like Affion Crockett and I am mad I am just seeing it after all of these years. Justin sent that email like Bernadette threw that match over her shoulder in Waiting to Exhale.

    That’s it. That’s the email.

    Ms. Smart

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Janklin Saint,

    I hope all is good with y’all. I apologize in advance for the length of this.

    I’ve been listening to y’all for several years now and my stance on Black trauma in entertainment has evolved. I watched Fruitvale Station a few weeks ago and think it was an excellent movie. Did the ending infuriate me and make me cry? Yeah. But the movie really humanized Grant and Michael B Jordan was excellent. I hadn’t watched it before cuz I assumed it’d be too painful to watch but I enjoyed and am looking to watch more of these movies I avoided cuz of being afraid of the movie hurting too much.

    Rod, for your question about if Snowfall is Black trauma? I say yes and no. Actually, not yes, but rather “absofuckinglutely yes” the show is Black trauma cuz Franklin Saint decided he wanted to sell drugs to the community. Drug abuse, violence, kidnappings, folks getting shot all over the place? Remember Karvel? But in the way folks online use the phrase “Black trauma”, Snowfall ain’t that cuz niggas *love* Snowfall!

    Remember on Game of Thrones where that Starbucks cup got left in the scene and folks were making jokes as the slid into retroactively hating the show? And folks leaned on that as proof that The Daves sucked at their jobs? Yeah, that scene from episode 9 with everyone at the bar had Jameson Caskmates bottle *prominently* in the middle of the shot and that particular whiskey flavor ain’t exist til 2003…but nobody said shit cuz everyone was too busy *enjoying* the episode. I ain’t hop into the show til like season 2 or 3 (after hearing y’all sing the praises of it, thanks again) but was there a big online commotion about Karvel?

    I watched “Them” and tapped out after 3 episodes cuz I didn’t like it. I agree with a lotta the criticisms of it, but I’d rather tap out on a show I actively dislike than marinating in that brewing hatred and *that* is something folks online don’t do. Combine that with folks bonding over shit they don’t like instead of shit they enjoy and sprinkle in some “this show shouldn’t exist” and you get a sizable chunk of the “Them” discourse. And I think folks throw a wide net when discussing Black trauma in media so the term can both mean “this entertain is a bunch of horrible shit happening to Black people” *and* “I don’t want to feel hurt watching this and thusly I do not like this”.

    And finally, I do think there is entertainment that gets called Black trauma porn that is just awful shit happening to Black people and is made for white audiences, but I also don’t watch those.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I think more folks need to get the hate-FOMO out their system and not engage about shit they hate. So yeah, it was dope hearing y’all discuss this.

    Speaking of shit that is actually enjoyable: THIS NIGGA FRANKLIN SAINT MY GOD. Goddamn this is an amazing show.

    Thank you as always and sorry for the long comment,

    – Dough

  4. Blu_Mayne_Group

    What it do Baby,

    It’s been a minute since I’ve commented but Tax season at the firm has been real janky due to the IRS insisting on playing games with the regulations, much like how Alton was playing games with Franklin’s money.

    I’m definitely digging the conversation on black trauma, and I’m the type of person who’s selective about my trauma because a Good Christian Negro like myself has exquisite tastes. If it’s not in my wheelhouse, then I simply don’t watch it…LIKE THE ADULT I AM.

    Thanks for the time you guys put in to make this show great, and I look forward to hearing your insights on “The Legend of Franklin ‘Pusherman’ Saint” See you at the next show! – Blu_Mayne_Group

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