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BDS 393: Das Niggen!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kyrie Irving is anti N-word now, Aaron Donald punches man, Jeff Gladney arrested, NBA giving 3 million to create Black careers, Brian Kemp All-Star game comments, Trevor Lawrence marries Marissa Mowry, Hideki Matsuyama wins Masters, Gary Player’s son banned Masters, Jordyn Wood’s gift to KAT, Britt Reid charges with DWI, Broncos not attending OTAs, Favre on politics in sports, KD vs Uncle Shannon, AAU ref fight, Ben Simmon’s sister accuses family member of abuse, Johnny Manziel divorce, Katya Elise dat ass, Jay Cutler anti-mask, Anthony Edwards don’t know A Rod, Bills will allow vaccinated fans only, MI teams speak out against voting restrictions, Serena gets deal with Amazon, The WIlson cohosting vaccination special, NCAA changing year sitting out restriction, NCAA supports transgender athletes, Baylor coach won’t take jeep, J-Lo and A-Rod split, Floyd Mayweather vs Jake Paul, Charissa Thompson, Shaq shoots his shot, Danica Patrick was hurt and Deshuan Watson updates.


  1. sijohns

    My ex-husband said he hope our baby die. Our Son is now 8 and it still FUCK HIM FOREVER. AND his Fam love me.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What is Rod, Queen Karen and Jicago Bulls,

    I hope all is good.

    Might as well call them the Chicago Bullshit cuz that whole game against Cleveland, they looked like some bullshit. They only scored 12 points in the first quarter!? Do you know how demoralizing it would be to watch Matthew fucking Delavedova bark at someone for the ball so he can shoot? Sexton and Garland just scoring *at will*. Chicago was out here playing the Olé! defense letting Sexton and Garland just blow past them. Kevin Love oiled up his joints and blew the dust off his jumper to play!

    Shouts out to sexual harasser and welfare thief Brett Farve for having the caucasity to speak on something that was neither apologizing for sending that reporter dick pics she ain’t nor apologizing for stealing $1 million from the state of Mississippi to build a volleyball court at her daughter’s school. Y’all think somebody is gonna say that CTE made him racist?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows!

    – Dough

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jatonio Brown,

    Well it looks like Antonio Brown after seeing the Deshaun Watson saga and reading the room decided to settle his sexual assault case. Unfortunately it will be the only justice the trainer will get. Also I am glad the Aaron Donald situation played out like I thought it would. When it was first announced he was being sued for assaulting that dude. My ears perked up because I was like another “good guy” in the NFL doing shit. But then I saw the pic of the dude and my nigga senses started tingling and I was like naw this nigga did something. When the tape came out of him getting jumped by 4 to 5 people and Aaron Donald actually helping him I felt vindicated. In his defense I do think a Aaron Donald ass whooping would feel like 4 to 5 regular niggas beating your ass. But also you all mentioned the NCAA transfer rule. My wife is a college basketball coach and we were discussing it because in her black coaches group they mentioned how the rule has inadvertently affected high-school recruits because now coaches can just get a transfer who has played college ball over a incoming freshman. Which I believe would be offset by mid-major schools getting better recruits. She was still iffy on the rule but shoot she know I think the players should get paid. But anyway love the show as always and sorry if this is long.


  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and jrett farve

    Imma need Brett farve to just shut up! If I’m not mistaken wasnt he one of the whites championing keeping politics outta sports? Granted it is his podcast, but you are known for sports and talk sports on your podcast. But you saying you don’t think devil Derek meant to kill George? I’m not buying that. Also in the tmz clip I heard he said he is not a racist! I think if you have to say you are not a racist, chances are you probably are.

    Rip to Scottie pippens first son Antron who just passed away at 33!

    You guys have a marvelous weekend
    Dope shows as usual.

    One love

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin 

    Nah no slander this week, my man already so hot under the collar seeing big Mike Smith scheduled for the show he had to cut the power. We ain’t forgot all that slander Justin, just let that lightskinned hate in your heart go.

    But see, this Aaron Donald story is exactly why I don’t listen when these nerds start talking about a Black Batman. My man, the richest and biggest nigga in the club tried to save your ass from getting stomped out and then he’s the one you accuse to the police? That’s that bullshit! Like Doughstax said, if Donald wanted to punch you like that trust me the whole world would have known it because you would have gone flying through the air like it’s Street Fighter.

    And you knew it was coming. You see my boy RJ Barrett go wild in the 3rd. The longest win streak in the NBA! Knicks balling boy! Now you got Bo and the media trying to hype up Zion rumors just cause his face lit up playing in the Garden. But you see he didn’t mention Brooklyn! We run this city. But nah jokes aside, this team is the most fun I’ve had as a Knicks fan since Linsanity, ain’t never letting them go. Got the Hornets back for that blowout this week, glad to see LaMelo might make it back this season though.

    Appreciate the dope shows as always and y’all have a great week.

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