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LSG 45: Hot Chip Summer

Karen and Rod are bringing you another helping of Lip Smacking Goodness. In Spicy News we discuss Aldi opening more stores, DoorDash drivers struggle with low pay and Wal-Mart deliveries, Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty, Lil Yachty cereal boats, Poptarts dropping new flavors, McDonald’s closing 200 stores, Dairy Queen new Blizzard menu, Lay’s new chip flavors for the summer, free beer with vaccinations, a croissant creature and recipes to go with your cat food. Our Meals of the Week were Que Tacos CLT, Passport Dough And Co and Taste of Shu. Rod opines about the goodness of Fresh Market, casserole and zucchini fries in Cook Dat Nigga. And finally we get into your feedsmack.

We’ll be back with another plate for you soon. Thank you for listening!

Que Tacos Clt

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Passport Dough And Co

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Taste Of Shu

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Cook Dat Nigga

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  1. PamelaM8

    Hello Karen and Rod!

    A few comments on this episode:

    Honey mustard is the all time champion dip/sauce for chicken strips/tenders/nuggets! Doesn’t matter how it’s formulated (more mustard than honey or more honey than mustard) nothing else compares.

    When that Fancy Feast cookbook comes out I will definitely be picking up a copy for review at my local library. You just know that there’s going to be all sorts of profiles on the owners and the cats, where they live, how they met, their likes and dislikes, etc. I would also fully expect to see an owner kissing their cat in the mouth; hey, they’re sharing the same food, so whatever! The recipes may be simple, high protein fare that would be quick to put together; I don’t have a cat now but if you’ve ever had a cat you would know that they’re quite insistent on getting their food when it’s time to eat and they will not be quiet about it!

    We’ve started shopping at the Aldi’s in the last six months (I add the S because I’m Black!) and frankly I don’t know how they would do curbside either. They rarely have more than one person at the checkout. Guess they’re making it work somehow.

    Finally, to Rod, I see the meals that you’ve made that you post on Twitter. Is there any cuisine or dish that you don’t currently make that you want to practice and master in the pandemic? That is, if you had the time!

    Thank you both for all the work that you’re putting in to get us this content. We are listening every day and you are both very much appreciated!


  2. Anne

    Just wanted to leave a comment that I love LSG.

  3. jswilliams800

    Hey Rod and Karen!

    I love lip smacking good! I’ve been a listener for over 5 years and I follow you guys like a puppy dog. Regular Show, The Nerd Off, Balls Deep Sports, Pre Game and Lip smacking good. I also follow you to three guys on and the mind of Dom. I live in South Korea and I miss home sometimes but listening to your podcasts makes me feel at home and I’m forever grateful to you guys. I recently started cooking more and I just want to thank Rod for inspiring me to cook at home. I was always hesitant and wondered if I ever was going to be a good cook. Over time, I’ve improved and my confidence is soaring. Love the show! Stay safe y’all!


  4. The.Shay.Dee.Dame

    You guys had me CACKLING when you were talking about Fancy Feast.
    I love the idea of that cookbook because I’m one of the weirdos that cooks for their cats AND dog.
    Every week or so I go to the store, pick up a few pounds gizzards, hearts, liver, and thighs. I put them all in the instant pot for a couple of hours. Then, I shred it all and put them in the freezer.
    They all get a handful or so for dinner each night.
    I know, it’s weird, but I promise I wasn’t this crazy before we were required to keep our asses in the house.
    Now it’s been a year, and these furry assholes turn their noses up at anything that’s not homemade

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