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2317: Crackerjacked

Rod and Karen discuss the return of A Black Lady Sketch Show, Coronavirus News, “Luther” isn’t Black enough, white people upset over anti-racism in schools, man steals a Frito-Lay truck, mom has kids pulled from Catholic school over her OnlyFans, woman drunk drives into lake and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I kinda understand what the lady meant about Luther not being black enough as far as it could have been written for any race. I watch Luther and it’s a great show. But to be fair Luther doesn’t have any friends besides a serial killer because he’s an asshole so there is that. I’m not sure if that’s the kind of role I need to see him eating rice and peas or at the chicken joint. But I get wanting to see more representation of black people living their authentic lives. I think she signaled Luther out because it’s one of the most popular shows in the UK end the lead is black.

  2. shanna

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Glad I could get this in before the feedback show because I’m often behind on listening to everything and I’m at the point where I just think the thoughts and figure you’ll hear them through osmosis or whatever. I wanted to give my perspective around teaching history and race after listening to this episode. As an educator, and because the nature of my work means that I’m often working with young people and adults around issues of race and gender, there’s a lot of good reasons to separate groups based on racial (or gender) affinity groups when having these discussions. While the facts of history may be the same for everyone, how race plays out for people is different and involves deep feelings and trauma. Separating into affinity groups offers the opportunity for people to process and speak without self-censoring out of fear. As a facilitator, it is also important to do some of that work within the big group, especially after people have done work within their affinity groups, but I do think breaking into affinity groups allows for deeper work that people may not be able to do in “mixed company”. And like sex education, it’s different for different ages. I have led and participated in sex education with whole classes but also have been divided by sex/gender to have some conversations that children may be embarrassed to have in front of the opposite sex (and sometimes we purposefully have those embarrassing convos with everyone to show just how ridiculous EVERYONE’S questions about sex can be). It’s about the age, the group’s understanding, and knowing if the trust has been built to go to the places you need to go.

    That’s it. I just wanted to chime in with another perspective. I appreciate all you do and the discussions you’re having.

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