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BDS 394: The Booby Trap

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Donald update, Brett Favre, Antonio Brown reaches settlement, Gervonta Davis side chick drama, D-Wade buys into Jazz, Popovich calls out NBA owners, Mets toxic workplace, Lakers won’t visit White House, Nick Bosa on TikTok with Jenna Berman, Alex Smith retires, Vivian Flores catfish drama, Tyler Herro living that life, Robin Lehner upset over NHL vaccine rules, Raiders tweet about George Floyd, Jason Whitlock, Danica Patrick PDA with boyfriend, Hulu gets Redzone, Brittany Matthews, Michael Bennett accused of abuse, Deshaun Watson updates, Kobe brand no longer with Nike, OK players accused of robbery, Odell Beckham Jr’s GF, Bol Bol dating Mulan Hernandez, Trevon Diggs accused of abuse, Windhorst gets mad about Lebron, Von Miller responds to miscarriage comments, Sterling Brown got jumped, Dillon Brooks baby mama on the IG telling it all, Kayla Nicole gets more Fenty, Va Tech student sues coach, Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, KD liking tweets hating on Steph and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jyle Shanahan,

    Oh Kevin Love. He’s fallen so far Steph Curry in Alcatraz during the 2016 Finals to throwing a fit during a game and giving up a bucket. What does Kevin Love want exactly? Does he want the Cavs to trade Jarrett Allen so everyone will stop wondering “wait, why we got both of them?” Does he want to stay and bask in all that money (which, for the record, I’m glad he got)? As y’all know, he has a lot of it and told the GM that when he got fined last season. And he has some nerve acting like that when he only put up 6 points in the last game!

    It’s been 13 years since the NFL draft has rolled around and I’ve felt this calm. Quarterback heavy draft and this time everyone ain’t waiting for the Browns to fuck things and draft someone like Kyle Trask or Kellen Mond! That honor falls on the Niner’s head coach Kyle “Football Fredo” Shanahan! Shanahan so pressed to tell everyone he’s smart he wants to draft Mac Jones cuz apparently they give you an extra Lombardi trophy if you win with a regular degular white dude at QB. Same man that said he ain’t want Pat Mahomes or Deshaun Watson, naw, he wanted the honor of pouring money into Kirk Cousin. And folks call that man a genuis.

    Is Kirk Cousins the first QB where white people not only won’t give up on him, but assume the problem is they ain’t him enough yet?

    And I can’t wait until the universal scales snap back to reality and I hear the Browns traded Odell Beckham away for draft pick cuz Baker does better with worse receivers. Yep. Cuz that’s how football works.

    Also, y’all hear about Tebow Christ possibly making a comeback as a TE? Man, whiteness is fucking incredible.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the hot fiyah content as always, peace!

    – Dough

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen and Trevon Lawrence,

    What team has been steady winning to the point of winning 9 out of 10 games? The Washington Wizards!!!! The Wiz have made their way to the 10th seed. This is a good time to get hot and streaky into the play-in tournament. Hopefully, the Wizards can knock out the current 8th seed Charlotte Hornets in a fun bout. The Wiz has been rolling with Russ’ Triple Doubles, Rui’s emergence and Bradley Beal body language change. I hear Doris Burke speak about how Brad Beal had to acknowledge his body language and the underlining impact it can have on a team. I remember Rod having this criticism about LeBron and his defeating body language when teammates didn’t perform to perfect standards while not taking responsibility years ago in Cleveland. (Rod, please let me know if I misremember that). Doris mentioned


    Mikey Thow Russell Westbrook be on his ass because of Russ being Russ LOL. He really stepped up as a leader and was more encouraging during their earned success. Not to get too deep but a change of attitude can be a powerful tool to personal success and overall team success. Thanks for sharing Rod and Justin’s stories at the YMCA. Those stories really show how individual steadfastness can have a fractal impact around you. I never quite realized how subtle things in sports can make a big difference. Shout out to the Wizards and positive attitudes.

    Great show as always,

    Hold in down

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jevin Love

    ITWAN strikes again. Kevin said y’all ain’t watching Cavs games for my man Dough’s e-mails? Alright bet! And this ain’t the first time my man has hit that I don’t want to be here special. Now this is the part where folks will remind you about Love’s admitted history of mental health struggles but, he didn’t blame it on that so it’s some privilege that other folks are too. Niggas were riding the fuck outta Paul George for talking about it because he had a bad game, he didn’t quit on his team and just yell Cancun. 

    And just glad the draft is finally here tonight so I can stop hearing folks spin themselves in circles talking about who my niners are gonna pick for a QB. At least I’ll know if we have another Quarterblack to root for or if start talking myself into Rod’s stress free agenda.

    Alright y’all appreciate all the work as always, have a great week.

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