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#Walking FTWD: Season 6: 10: Handle With Care

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. fyahworks

    Hey rod and Karen, yea we are still out here! Ye olde faithful! I’m enjoying this show, been here since day 1. I also enjoyed this episode. Like Daniel, I too was confused, and I wasn’t sure if he was faking this like when Virginia was still alive. But by the end and listening to the recap confirmed that Daniel got some issues and he need to go sit down somewhere!

    Keep doing the good works

    Fyahworks out

  2. Selester63

    What up Rod & Karen,

    This episode was interesting, but I am not sure where they’re going with Salazar having “dementia like” symptoms. I wonder if it is a setup for the actor to take a mini break from the show. I believe in the past they’ve done that. Anyway, looking forward to next week. Peace.


  3. Tootietaurus

    P.S. Last week Karen was asking about the name “Mo Mo” and who it was referring to. That’s what Sarah calls Morgan. BTW, Lennie James hates that nickname but it seems like it’s sticking. Take care! ~Karena

  4. Tootietaurus

    Hi Rod and Karen! This was a slower episode but I still loved it. While some of the scenes felt forced (all of that bickering) I absolutely loved the acting performance by Ruben Blades! He did such a fantastic job of taking us on Daniel’s PTSD journey and how that toll can result in mental & emotional confusion and heartbreak. Honorable acting mentions go out to Colman Domingo and Lennie James. Looking forward to meeting our new “big bad” next week. Thanks for the recap! ~Karena

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