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PG 285: Black Shame

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Invincible, Exterminate All The Brutes, Black shame, bad job PTSD, listener feedback and some Pregame News.


  1. Mdiarra

    Whats up Rod, Karen and Justin

    Yall were preaching when it came to Black shame and the unfair critique of these shows. It never makes any sense either what they will go up for. Like Black Twitter â„¢ stay on Kenya Barris neck, but without him or Black-ish they wouldn’t be going up for Tracey Ellis Ross, Marsai Martin or Yara Shahidi the way they do. Also low-key Black-ish is hilarious and has really gotten better over time.
    Anyways yalls discussion about what is or is not good Black Movies got me thinking about this scene from Black-ish. Ill post a link its only one minute but its 100% true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz_o1os9MZQ

    I love us Black folks. Some of our logic never makes any sense, but its always hilarious to see the mental hoops some folks try to use to justify why a show like Power or any of the shows we love that showcase “Black Trauma” ain’t problematic, but Them and other shows is.

  2. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod ,Karen and the light skin Soldier Jucky Jarnes

    I loved how great both the Falcon &The Winter Soldier and Invincible first seasons were and they delivered tremendously!

    Rod that was so very true what you said about black shame, we do a tremendous disservice to our ancestors and ourselves when we don’t tell our ancestors stories truthfully. If we don’t tell our own stories, we run the risk of outsiders telling lies in the place our truth. We see it with Tom Cotton trying to go so hard against the 1619 project or try to have them change history books in Texas to say “slavery wasn’t that bad” like they tried a few years ago. We can’t ever take our foot off their necks about what was truthfully done to us. We might have to adopt the phrasing that Jewish people go by that phrase what is it “Never again” or Never forget” -that might need to be the mentality for us to adopt as a people.

    Thanks again for another great pregame!

  3. chubbzero

    What up Karen, rod and Justin? Well rod looks like it’s that time again. Get those creative juices flowing, get that krypto dude to send you a beat, and make a new balls deep intro with some new impersonations featuring the whitlock/blackface character, Karen doing that “stop it now” white woman, and that got damn miami jay! Boy I nearly wrecked my work truck when Justin started with them “manes”! It has to be done! And I just wanna say the black lady sketch show is a great show! Robin thede gets the award for cooning it up! Not the candace Owens, diamond and silk cooning but that comedic cooning! That fiji skit where she called herself messica? Man she a fool for real. Alright, talk to y’all later

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