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BDS 395: Miami Jay

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kevin Love quits, backlash to Lebron, Terrence Clarke dies in car accident, Texas has separate but equal bands, Jake Paul accused of another sexual assault, Mike Caussin cheating again, Simone Biles signs with Athleta, Baylor loses head coach, Conor McGregor impersonator, Venus Williams signs deal, Terrell Owens wine, Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, Justin draft analysis, Bridgewater traded, Porter fined for going to club, 70% of NBA players have been vaccinated, Steve Smith on Favre, Tommy Tuberville tells kids to avoid politics, Derrius Guice removed from LSU record books, coach sucker punches parent, Isaiah Wilson rap song, Trevor Lawrence crypto deal, Paul Pierce grow house, Te’a Cooper no longer dating Dwight Howard, bar that banned Lebron getting bad reviews, Sean Culkin getting paid in Bitcoin, Deshaun Watson, Ref harassment, Super Bowl streakers have plea deal rejected, Joy Taylor clap back and Larry Johnson Hotep corner.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Dr. Joughstax,

    Howdy y’all. Yeah, I fucked up slandering the Amani’s Niner’s and Kyle Shanahan by thinking Shanahan, a man who coaches with big Freddo energy, would’ve drafted the white boy outta Alabama and instead drafted Trey Lance. Beyond apologizing for that run-on sentence, I’d like to apologize to Amani and any other Niners fans listening. Granted, Trey Lance’s profile is basically “better coached Josh Allen”, but I can’t wait to see how he does with the Niners.

    And in Chicago, folks are already partying off Justin Fields being drafted at QB…even though Nagy is coaching for his job. That ball bouncing off the upright lives rent free in Nagy’s soul and I hope Fields can succeed here.

    What I *won’t* apologize for is enjoying the Knicks hype machine building and building. Screamin A Smith was ecstatic the other day! It’s fun watching the Knicks be competent and competitive. There’s something nice about seeing other folks be happy their woe begotten team is finally playing good…especially since things will be so much funnier when it all falls down! I don’t know what it’s gonna be but the failure is like Daredevil season 1 Kingpin: lurking and waiting to smack their dreams in the face with a car door!

    Shouts out to the Cavs for signing fan favorite Anderson Varejao so that Kevin Love has someone eye level to scream at? I don’t know why they signed him. What does he bring to this team other than being old and tall?

    Hope y’all have a great weekend and thank you for the shows as always,

    – Dough

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and Jaaron Rodgers 

    That’s right Justin! You tell these niggas you’re not gonna take it anymore! Trying to hate on a young lightskinned gawd having his moment in the sun. Don’t let Rod bully you with the sound clips, talk your truth! And I’m collecting apologies now from Doughstax too. You fell for the Mac Jones okey doke and spent all that time writing in to slander my offensive mastermind of a coach only for the 49ers to take a QuarterBLACK! Had to deal with Bo wondering if that man was a dummy for the last month, meanwhile Shanahan said they were laughing at the rumors the whole time. League got hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok!

    And I’m glad Rod likes the play-in tournament, because ya boy LeBron does not! Who got a spare ankle to loan to the King we still got an agenda to run. Man’s is 36 he doesn’t need that kind of stress in his life! Meanwhile the Cavs brought Anderson Varejao back in the league trying to rebuild the 2016 roster without Lebron and Kyrie.

    Alright y’all appreciate the dope shows as always. Y’all have a great week

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