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2328: Black Meat White Feet

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, 85% of dems approve of Biden so far, Feds raid Giuliani’s home, record US gun sales, $15 fed minimum wage, study on length of sex, Columbus mayor requests federal probe, wives secretly making husbands impotent, Pornhub CEO’s house burns down, Wu-Tang scammer sentenced to 8 years, principal paddles student, Oregon senator unlocks door to Capitol, restaurant owner order to pay back enslaved man, Tim Scott is called oreo by white man, serial police impersonator, man arrested for refusing to move out, woman beats family up over Father’s Day ungratefulness and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I read an article on that principal who paddled the student in front of the parent. In the article I read the mother was interviewed and she said the reason she didn’t intervene was because she is undocumented and felt she had no recourse other than to film the incident. She felt pressured to give in. It’s a shame because I’m sure that principal probably intimidated her.

    As for Tim Scott, I think he coons as hard as he does because he’s in South Carolina. He knows if he tie the line he will not be re-elected. I can’t tell if he’s a grifter or really believes the shit he says. But sadly I kind of lean toward him believing it because if you take a look at his year book picture it’s clear he never had black friends

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