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#Walking FTWD: Season 6: 12: In Dreams

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Selester63

    What up Rod & Karen,

    The whole time I’m thinking this is Grace’s final episode, but it turns out to be the end for the baby. For a minute there I thought they might turn the stillborn baby into a zombie, but I guess they decided not to. I did not understand why Morgan was ready to damn near die for a key that he has no idea what it is used for. I did get a kick out old man Morgan with white hair and beard. Looking forward finding out what that key unlocks and how Teddy started that cult.


  2. Tootietaurus

    P.S. Aisha Tyler directed episode 613 June’s episode.

  3. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod & Karen, This was a tough one. I really thought that they were giving us the cheat codes and that Grace would die and that Morgan would be inspired by Grace’s dream. Nope. We get a stillbirth on Mother’s Day. Was the death from radiation? Falling on her stomach after the explosion or both? Great acting. Beautiful cinematography. It’s hard to believe this back half was all shot during Covid. Very well done! Oh, don’t forget there will be a one week break after episode 14. Then they will come back with the last 2 episodes. Keep the recaps coming! ~Karena

  4. fyahworks

    Rod and Karen

    I was so busy and didn’t get a chance to write in last week so I wanna do a 2 for 1

    1. the June /Dakota dynamic gives me Maggie /Negan vibes.
    2. Derek, Wes brother reminded me of childish Gambino in Atlanta with all that facial hair and that smile.
    3. I think the submarine that we first saw in season 5 , which Riley was having a hard on to get the key for, might be a back up plan in case the underground parking lot they staying In doesn’t work out!
    4. Now for the grace episode, at first I was confused, but as the episode progressed I understood! Very good episode with a sad ending! Like Karen, I swore she was gonna die but instead we lost the baby! Rod I also agree that Riley and his crew had to be bluffing with no bullets because they could have Atleast wounded Morgan. But it kills me how when there’s a 5 on 1 situation. It seems like they wait till one gets his ass kick then it’s the other ones turn! Why can’t they just attack him at the same time?
    Love the recaps

    Looking forward to the next


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