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2333: Foxitus

Rod and Karen discuss representations of poverty in the media, Coronavirus news, Pelaton recalls treadmills, Disneyland Snow White ride controversy, Trey Songz accused of punching bartender, Capitol rioter says Fox made him do it, cyber attack on US East Coast pipeline, woman finds bees in her home again, 14 year old girl sexualized by teacher, hunter shoots hiker he thought was a turkey, Lizzo speaks out about mental health struggle, 44 attorneys general don’t want Zuckerberg to make Instagram for kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I have so many questions about the bee lady. When you read the article it said she found thousands of bees in her house Again? So she didn’t surrender the house to them the first times?

  2. Mdiarra

    The discussion about poverty perception was a really good one that I hadnt considered. One thing I want to add on to that is that it also feels like when they want to focus on the “working class” they always seem to be talking about White people. Idk how both media and white folks can accept that viewpoint that the “working class”(which I take as code for poor white people) needs help but when we talk about welfare and stuff its automatically considered “for the minorities”. Idk if thats by design or not.

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