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#Walking FTWD: Season 6: 14: Mother

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod and Karen, If the end is just a new beginning how come Teddy was fighting off that walker so hard in the prison? Gone start your new beginning player. Dakota is a child who throws tantrums except her tantrums usually end with a murder. I thought that it was crazy when Cole said that a bunch of stadium folks were ambushed and murdered at a motel bc we saw that Wes’ brother had painted a motel on his mural of the places that they’d hit. Now it makes sense. Alicia…. you’re in danger girl!! She’s always been quick on her feet. I just don’t know if she can make it out of this one. Two episodes left. Let’s go!! ~Karena

  2. pretty tomboy

    First off, I’m definitely listening to yall weekly. I know it feels like you are shouting in a corner sometimes be we here!
    Second, (and I need to shout this)
    periodt. That girl can die expeditiously as our Kang of Atlanta TI would say.
    I’m so tired of her whyte shenanigans she can just go. Especially since she has this idea that if we disagree then you gotta die.

    Also this show show be called ‘Fear the Walking Dead..I Guess?’ Cause these walkers are damn convenient its annoying. The inmates who got chewed on in jail damn near went for hugs and missed Mr crazy. Mr crazy obviously had a fine point pen to be able to stab his zombie in the head. Even the zombies that killed the bad guys basically turned both of them around to whisper in their ear. I cannot take this show serious lol.

    I do think it’s interesting how Strand will end up being viewed on the show at the end because I was 48 hot at him earlier in the season.

    Just gotta say I FULLY BLAME YOU AND KAREN for my viewership cause without your recaps ya girl would have been out years ago.

    Love yall!

  3. fyahworks

    Well damn! I need a drop that says fyahworks was right! What was that again? Oh yeah fyahworks was right! Teddy said it’s was for a submarine and that’s what I said a few recaps ago! I was happy we caught up with Alicia and got some back story on teddy! Riley seems so damn jealous in the beginning. I don’t think he fully trusts Teddy and I wouldnt be surprised if Teddy dies, Riley is the one to kill him.

    y’all have a good one

    Fyahworks out

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