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2337: The Earth Is Healing

Rod and Karen discuss poverty levels in America, Coronavirus News, 6 things out of stock right now, 15 minimum wage, the grossest states, mass shootings, body shaming is back, Tony Hinchcliffe dropped by WME, police officers charged for not arresting fellow officer, white restaurant owner upset over PPE affirmative action, TX GOP bans critical race theory in schools and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Another hard to find to find products are electronics. I’ve tried to buy a laptop twice in the pandemic and the ones I look for are always out of stock and probably because all the kids who had virtual learning. Also tried to replace my kid’s tablet, it’s on back order. I guess with so many people at home they need something to do.

  2. Keith

    One of the things that’s been really hard to find since last March: weights for home workouts. I remember the day the governor shut everything down, my wife and I were on a pretty strong fitness kick so I ran to the store to get a bench and a few weights, said I’d come back on payday to get the rest. Came back Friday and everything was GONE. Didn’t see another weight in the store for several months, now you can find them but at inflated prices. They used to cost about a dollar a pound but now they’re almost twice that. Other people are trying to sell their rusty, dingy ass weight plates that have been sitting unused in the garage for like 8 years secondhand for like $100. Fuck outta here.

    Oh, on the subject of that bar owner who’d rather have no money than let Black people have money – that reminds me something the comedian Trae Crowder (the Liberal Redneck) said a year or two back that was on point: a conservative (we don’t need anyone to tell us who that bar owner voted for) would burn his own house down if it meant his liberal neighbor would have to choke on the smoke. He wasn’t talking specifically about race when he said that but it definitely still applies.

  3. msmarysmile

    Re: the banning of critical race theory and discussion on Black trauma. This is why I fuck with TBGWT. Periodt. That’s all I had to say about that.

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars and welcome back internet family. Listening to Episode @2337-The Earth is Healing and you and Karen are discussing Critical Race Theory and the fuckery of the GOP. I agree 1000% with Rod when he said we care more about Caucasian feelings instead of focusing on how they are trying to erase everyone’s history that does not look/feel like theirs. The daily atrocities committed by Caucasian because of their feelings is exhausting!
    I live in Texas, so I know they stay doing/acting like pure poo-poo. Gov. Hot Wheels and dem stay doing stoopid shyt!

    Love yawl!

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