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BDS 399: Pray To Pray

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA Play-offs, unruly fans, Kyrie vs Lucky, Naomi Osaka, Celtic front office shake up, Telvin Smith, D Wade says he doesn’t “lead” his woman, Quintez Cephus, Tim Tebow top selling items, Dustin Johnson paid his girlfriend not to do Playboy, farting at golf tournament, Jana Kramer’s costly divorce, Antonio Blakeney arrested, Valerie Loureda shows off her arm cast, ESPN host gambled money away on NCAA tournament, Tyreek Hill domestic violence TikTok joke, Trump helped stop Spygate, Lebron happy about The Decision, The Currys at the beach, Marcell Ozuna arrested for domestic violence, Tristan escapes again, Coach K to retire next year, Rich Paul says white players don’t want Black agents, Medina was on them drugs, NFL stopping Race Norming, Jay Cutler wants half, minor leaguer food, HS coaches make kid eat pork, Mark Eaton killed, Danica Patrick still mad, Layshia Clarendon makes history for WNBA, fan runs on field to fight pitcher, MLB dealing with homophobia, Terrence Ross has car stolen, Yasiel Puig sues accuser, Antonio Andrews arrested for biting woman and Aubrey Huff mad about cucks again.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jam Darnold,

    I hope all is well.

    Is there some curse tied to the MVP trophy dooms the winner’s team in the postseason (unless you’re LeBron)? Nuggets out here getting rolled by the Suns and it looks like Jokic can at least take solace in winning MVP (which means he’s about to get to the fucking money). The Clippers needed 7 games to get past Luka and [Insert Mavs Player That Didn’t Play Like Ass]. Should the Clippers just start hanging banners that celebrate making the 2nd round at this point? It ain’t like the Clippers are a properly built team, let alone one with a streaky shooter likes to drop 40 points in loses.

    What has been y’all favorite hopeless moment during Bucks vs Nets? I’m personally a fan of Giannis pausing his disappearing act long enough to get dunked on by *Blake Griffin* in the year of our Beyonce 2021. So either a geriatric dunked on a 2x MVP or Blake was out here committing fraud in Detroit?

    Sam Darnold saying he won’t get the COVID vaccine kind of makes sense to me cuz his whole career he’s played like he already had COVID (that non nigga is exceptionally sorry and the Panthers are about to look like some cheeks). But really though, the NFL and NFLPA not requiring everyone to get their shots and having players like Darnold or Montez Sweat of The Washington Football Team say they’re “waiting to hear more information”? What meme, what YouTube channel or Facebook group do these morons need to validate them to take the goddamn vaccine? Nigga if polio was the new hot virus in these street, their kids would be twisted up doing Joe Thiesman impressions with them wondering what happened. I hate it here.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend as always.

    Niggas only,


  2. SuavyP

    What up Brotha Rod, Sister Karen, and …Jyler Herro!

    On the last episode of RHON (Real Hoes Of the NBA), I reported on the news of Charlotte’s own PJ Washington getting leg locked by a very popular IG model. Well, fast forward to today and I have breaking news on another young, budding NBA athlete, that probably spent more time this season aiming his shot at something other than a basketball hoop. That’s right! Your boi Tyler Herro was too busy shooting up clubs that he must’ve forgot his team was going to be in the playoffs, because he and IG model Katyaelisehenry are… yep, you guessed it… having a baby. That would probably explain the way in which the Miami Heat were easily ushered out the playoffs this season; dude’s legs probably felt like they had cement in them after all that off court “shooting”.
    I can’t say i’m exactly thrilled about all these recent pregnancies of IG models. I mean wtf man, I follow them for BUTTS, not Baby Bumps!! But congratulations to them, I suppose.
    That’s all I got! Love the show as always guys!

  3. jswilliams800

    Hey to Rod, Karen and Justin Barkley:

    People are making a big deal out of the Lebron James “Gladiator” Instagram message. Don’t count the king out! A fully HEALTHY Lebron next season might be even scarier next year. Before the ankle injury, Lebron was 1st in the MVP race and had the Lakers in 2nd place in the west . After the injury the narrative changed to “Lebron being too old ” , “He’ll never be the same” With a full off-season of rest, do you guys think he will be the MVP next season and lead the Lakers back to the NBA championship?

    BTW. Did you guys catch the hilarious Charles Barkley impersonation done by Danny Rouhier on NBA on TNT?

    Keep up the good work

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