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2347: Next Best Man Up

Rod and Karen discuss Karen some stuff they’re watching, Coronavirus News, GA officials booed at GOP event, Supreme Court could review gendered draft policy, Trump fan poops on neighbors lawn, fat shaming, bride dies at wedding so the groom marries her sister, Ally no longer charging overdraft fees, teacher suing because of backlash to her BLM support, ref in dreadlocks cutting has case thrown out, former GA police officer racist texts, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    I wish that family members would chill when it comes to fat-shaming. While Karen was preaching, I did a triggering mental rolodex of the off-handed comments that my family members had said to my face like they were entitled to say it to me. I will never understand the ‘why’ of saying hurtful things to people or the instant thought process of someone who has weight on them. We are instantly thought of as lazy, eating a box of doughtnuts. I look at Lizzo, for example and I see an active woman. We know that she is active because if anyone has seen her shows and see her IG, she has to train and workout to do her performances. The thought process has to change when it comes to folk with weight. Thin doesn’t always mean healthy and fat doesn’t mean lazy.

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