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PG 290: Carolina Squat

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss how we sound at work, Justin’s healthy work environment, getting rid of the elliptical, shoes, The Underground Railroad, Bo Burnham, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod Karen and light skin gawd!

    Missed y’all last week, I was dealing with a funeral for a coworker/friend! But I did listen to the show!

    I did have a question/concern. Do you guys have 7-Eleven out there? Are they popular. And if so, how often do go into them? I’ve noticed that they have started to sell “shots” of southern comfort and fireball for $1 or maybe $1.99 in there and of all places at the damn counter where you pay for your items! I’m wondering if this is happening in areas of color or all over!

    Appreciate you guys!!

    have a great weekend


  2. chubbzero

    What’s up rod Karen and Justin? Are you guys watching sweet tooth? That apocalyptic, half
    human baby half animal netflix series. I’m just on the 2nd episode and it seems pretty interesting. Did you guys see the video
    of the delivery guy cussing that white man out? Brother had time that day. It’s 7 minutes long so if you don’t play it I’ll understand. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CP1-UDRFCgj/?utm_medium=copy_link. There’s the link. Alright yall. Have a great rest of the week

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Does anyone have Apple+? If you do, I highly recommend Ted Lasso. I finally got around to watching it because I saw that Season 2 begins next month, and this show is so good. It defied my expectations and really turned out to be a damn good watch. Between this and Central Park, I might have to go past my free subscription.

    Are people aware of and/planning to watch the documentary Kareem Abdul-Jabar made and is hosting called Fight the Power: The Movements that Changed America? It airs on the History Channel on Saturday, June 19th. Jabar was on The Daily Show talking about it and it looks like it might be good.

    The Kings, a multi-part boxing documentary on Showtime has been really good. It looks at not just boxing, but the societal realities that played out in the evolution of boxing in the post Ali era.

    Also, Oprah had a great special featuring Sterling K. Brown that focused on the excellence of Blacks fathers. It was touching and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The special re-airs Saturday at 9:00PM if anyone is interested. Speaking of Oprah and OWN, David Makes Mann returns for Season 2 next week. This is another excellent series that shows the depth and nuance of the Black experience.

    On a non-entertainment related topic, has anyone tried Burger King’s Ch’king sandwich. They definitely have something there. IMHO, it has Popeye’s sammich beat on two fronts, 1) The spicy chicken has a spicy batter, not just spiced sauce, which makes it an actual piece of spicy, crispy, chicken, and 2) You can get the extras I have always felt that Popeye’s is lacking like tomato, onion, etc. Popeye’s might be slightly better tasting overall, I’ll need to try more than one sandwich to decide, but it does have Burger King beat in price, since their sandwich costs a dollar less.

    Oh, just remembered, Rod, I’m not certain which regular show you mentioned this on, but when you discussed Clarence Williams III passing and played the clip from “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” the music from “The Brady Bunch” was playing because the actress who played Jan (the middle daughter of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia fame) on “The Brady Bunch” was the actress playing his white wife. It made the joke even funnier to me as someone who grew up watching reruns of that show.

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