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BDS 400: A Gut Full Of Herro

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Katya Elise toting a gut full of Tyler Herro, anti-vaxxer NFL players, Brittany Matthews put them cheeks out, Malik Beasley going to jail now, porn star complains about NBA player bringing a back up date, Floyd Mayweather trolling, Antonio Brown loves the kids, Robert Kraft billionaire bday, gambler loses 900k on Clippers, Va Tech player murders someone, LeBron changing his number, Candace Owens flip flops on Naomi Osaka, Mike Tyson prison time, Montrez dealing with online trolls, ESPN fires analyst for 9 year old tweets, body builder ready for real women, Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs, black coaches can’t get Blazers job, Lamelo still sampling, Anthony Edwards exposed, Emily Wirtz kicking FGs, swimmer quits Olympics over sexism and Lakers trade rumor.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jiannis The Weak Freak,

    Rod, are you going to play the “Rod Was Right” music at the first mention of Giannis in that last playoff game or at every mention? Giannis’ offense is so limited that James Harden said he didn’t need help nor 2 functioning hamstrings to defend Giannis shooting from the corner. Harden’s defense has been a punchline his whole career but Giannis’ offense is it’s own HBO special, cuz Giannis *pulling up for a fadeaway* was straight comedy! And Harden could do that cuz it ain’t like fouling Giannis means *one* point is guaranteed, let alone two. Shout out to Jeff Van Gundy being mad Giannis got hit with a 10 second violation *when it took him 13 seconds to shoot*. Giannis has as many 10 second violations as he has MVP trophies. You were right Rod. Folks really are not talking about Giannis like he’s a 2x MVP.

    Is The Process the greatest scam in NBA management history? What else do we call lowering fan expectations through aggressively losing so many damn games that folks have to talk themselves into Ben Simmons non-shooting ass to validate *all* that losing?

    The Sixers really went 10-72 so they could land Embiid and Ben Simmons. The most down bad NBA team in recent history out here tanked their way through hell and back so they can lose in the second round. They’re just the Clippers with more steps and AI in the crowd.

    And speaking of the Clippers, that was a damn fine performance from Playoff P last night. He balled out last night and bravo to him.

    Is it fucked up that one of the reasons I don’t really fuck with the advanced basketball analytics is that they’re the main folks who say Rudy Gobert is amazing? Cuz my analytical systems called EYES saw Terrance Mann dunk on Royale Hibbert and I again wondered why he won Defensive PoY…again.

    Have a great and safe weekend y’all and congrats on 400 episodes of saying fuck athletics!



  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jark Cuban

    400 episodes? Hot damn niggas be working! Which is more than I can say for the Mavericks. That article came out this week that they’re the Houston Texans of the NBA and now the whole front office gone and Luka big mad! I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was behind Price’s Chicken Coop closing too. Folks have already been kinda letting him slide on all those sexual harassment claims he supposedly knew nothing about but they’re gonna be on his ass for this.

    And Rod been on it for a minute but it’s kinda funny how every year in the playoffs we act surprised when we realize Giannis has no moves on offense besides running to the basket. Everybody sees it with Ben Simmons because he won’t try, but if you can’t shoot and can’t work in the post, and can’t get your own shot, you’re not a #1 option on a championship contender. He’s looking a lot like a better version of my man Julius Randle last round and we saw what happened there.

    Appreciate the dope show as always. Have a great week.

  3. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, & Jike Budenholzer,

    Who knew that Antetokounmpo was Greek for “Lemon Booty”? Queue up the “Rod was right” music! While KD was giving a performance for the ages, the 2-time league MVP and former DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR was taking ill-advised threes, blowing post-ups and hiding from KD on defense. It was truly odd to watch Milwaukee tighten up so much in the face of a brilliant KD performance and stop passing, stop moving, and going full isolation offense to end a game they were winning by double digits in the second half. While Coach Bud is gonna (deservedly) catch all the hell for this team’s inability to adjust, or attack a one-legged Harden on defense, why didn’t anyone on the floor think: “hey, the guy who is doing his best old-man-pick-up game impression is probably a defensive liability, let’s hunt him like he’s Michael Porter Jr.!” I think this just shows that Milwaukee is (to borrow a phrase from Bomani Jones) still a team of some low spades, Giannis included. Really at this point the major difference between Giannis and Ben Simmons is that one can’t shoot and the other won’t shoot!

    Chris Paul testing positive for COVID (and being out indefinitely) is a real punch in the nuts. At this point, you have to consider this man truly snake bitten. Now I’m sure he’s somewhere, quarantining and feeling testes, but if anyone has the brass balls to comeback from COVID, I’m sure it’s the assailant of Julius Hodge.

    I’ll close with this last question, with Playoff P making an appearance last night, can he really be relied upon to be that guy going forward? Especially now that Kawhi’s knee has given out?

    Thanks for the time. Love the show!

  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Karen’s husband, Rods wife and Jan van gundy!

    Well damn!! did stan van gundy forget this is the nba and not the ncaa? He just pulled a Kentucky with that one and done special! But he wasn’t the only one to lose a today Wednesday! Scotty brooks of Okc and Washington fame also bout to collect unemployment checks! But my question to you guys is, if the bucks can’t get out this second round, is Mike budenholzer job safe? And would Giannis be considered an “Aint my fault” all star?

    Justin, I also wanted to call you jom Rivera after that performance Philly put on Wednesday! After being up 26 going into the 4th, letting ice trae freeze the Philly defense and they scored 40 in the fourth and guys like Toby and Benjamin combining for a whopping 12 points in what I considered a must win game! This is the second time Atlanta has won in Philly which is only building their confidence in this series! Atlanta needs to give Nate that job permanently whether Philly wins this series or not

    I’ll holla at y’all nigz

    Fyahworks out

  5. trojanscooter

    In regards to KD’s comments about the ESPN personality being a liar, I don’t believe him. Since Durant went to Brooklyn he and his guy Rich Kleiman have been doing a ESPN+ show called The Boardroom where they talk about the business of sports. It’s two seasons in and has featured guests like Isaiah Thomas, Karl Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, PJ Tucker etc. Wanna know who the host and narrator is? Jay Williams. Jay also has been defending KD and the Nets when appropriate on ESPN Radio,, Get Up and other ESPN platforms.

    “What changed?” was what Karen asked in regards to Naomi Osaka and Candice Owens. Naomi released a statement saying she’s been battling depression since 2018. Candice wasn’t the only one who backtracked. Employees of FS1, ESPN, Mad Dog Sports and others went from saying “It’s a press conference. It’s part of your job” to “We can’t underestimate the importance of mental health”. Ironically the day after Osaka released her statement, the head of the French Open held a press conference, read a prepared statement, then said “No questions” and walked away AFTER fining Osaka. SMDH.

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