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TNO 170: NiggaCoin

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, BlizzCon canceled, Amazon internet sharing, space junk hits space station, Issa Rae cast in Spider-Verse 2, DOJ seizes ransom money, one customer shut down internet for the world, UT esports arena, Jameela Jamil to play Titania, Zack Snyder Dragon Ball Z movie interest, Castelevania spin-off, Death Stranding director’s cut, Xbox One next-gen streaming, Five Nights At Freddy creator retires, Batman eating that thang controversy, Xbox custom controllers, John Wick 4 casting rumors, Cyberpunk 2077 patch, Demon Slayer movie streaming only on Funimation, Hobbs and Shaw could return to main story line, Nintendo Switch glitch, Youtube picture in picture and India’s healthcare workers have to refute misinfo on WhatsApp.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is well.

    This season of Rick and Morty, are they killing it or are they killing it, cuz I think they’re killing it. I’ve already had a few instances of yelling “what in the hell is wrong with Rick”, gotten emotional during an episode and cackled at a Jerry’s specific literal endless misery cuz, well, he’s Jerry. Um, does Morty seem more unhinged to y’all? Like that boy is real good at some violence nowadays.

    Someone hacked Apex Legends for the “Save Titanfall” campaign (apparently the original Titanfall is filled with hackers), locked Apex players out of the game and said the hack was to get EA and Respawn’s attention. I am confident if I’d logged on the night this happened, I would’ve put my Xbox controller through a wall. I hate fan entitlement, I hate gamer entitlement, especially against a game I love (Apex Legends) for a piece of legacy software (Titanfall 1) that fucks up the developer’s and cyber security folk’s long weekend. I’ve heard Titanfall 1 doesn’t even have 100 concurrent daily users but someone decided to hack the current hotness to “get Respawn’s attention”? Folks mad hackers overrun an old game so they decided to Kool Aid Man their ignant asses through *new* security exploits in Apex Legends to make their point?

    Fun Fact: in IT, the worst way to hear about something wrong at work is through the news. Is there something specific to Gamers (TM) where by entitlement means they can be egregiously ignorant of how the business side of gaming works?

    In lieu of playing Apex Legends, I got caught up on Loki and goddamn these niggas done done it *again*. Gotta admit, I did not realize that white man was Owen Wilson but I’ve been loving this show and watching Loki travel through space and time, being extra as hell the whole way. I’m definitely calling that one version of Loki “Florida Loki”. It’s a dope show that feels different than the other shows, it’s fleshing out Loki in ways I ain’t consider before and I think I finally get why folks think Hiddleston is fine as hell. I finally see and respect the vision, along with pretty much the rest of the cast. Bravo, Marvel.

    Have any of y’all read Tom King’s “Batman: City of Bane?” A panel from it with Damien Wayne telling Batman he ain’t shit ended up on my IG timeline and I decided to give it a read and that shit is straight flames, y’all. Probably a wealth of context I don’t understand but it was still fun to read.

    Y’all ever had a moment in playing video games where you felt/realized you was too old to do some shit? I love playing Smash Bros and Apex online, but I think my reflexes are too slow to hang with these gotdamn whippersnaps in these games.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the dope shows as always,



    Well, well, well, look at Marvel Studios stuntin’ on us over again like Miss B Nasty with Black Widow. I have to apologize to that great appropriating chameleon, Scarlett Johansson, for a second. Before seeing Marriage Story on Netflix on a Sunday in December 2019, I had a thought of abandoning my “Scarjo can’t act” agenda & I eventually did. Is she a tonedeaf feminism now but for my white ass individual? AbsoGODDAMNlutely. I caught feelings during her death in Endgame & couldn’t fake it. Like for her duration in Endgame, she was very compelling &, in a big way, carried a big part of the role. While she didn’t do much fighting in it, she was rather composed than her prior entries, as she was essentially head of SHIELD. Admittedly, it was a different dynamic for her. I credit the Russo brothers for some of that but Scarjo deed that. Also, she was as stellar in Jojo Rabbit & the aforementioned Marriage Story in ’19. That was a really good year for her & even former haters, like myself, gotta give her props.

    Saw Black Widow, last night & loved it a bunch. I’ll keep my thoughts to a minimum, so I don’t spoil anything. David Harbour & Florence Pugh were some fucking Gs in it. It’s also looking like it’s gonna bring in them Marvel dollars, this weekend. Last time I checked, it opened up to a $13.2M Thursday Night showing & could make between $90M-120M throughout the weekend. If that sustains, it’ll be Disney’s first $100M+ film since 2019’s Rise of Skywalker, which brought in $500M+ domestically (and Disney’s last billion dollar film worldwide).

  3. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope all is well. Before I write this novel just have to say thank you for providing so much great content. Im back to working my 12+ hour days (for the moment, my workload is gonna be a nightmare in the coming weeks) on 2 anime jobs atm and having new episodes of the regular show and a backlog of balls deep sports and pregame episodes to listen to has been a blessing.

    Quick CW shows update, we finally getting the new seasons of the flash and Supergirl and black lightning over here. Black lightning has black people so we gotta watch that on Netflix over here lol. Still no idea when we’re getting superman and Lois tho.

    Onto stuff that’s happened, I’ve been watching Loki like most other nerds and man, as someone that’s attracted to multiple genders I’ve been eatin good haha. I think I have a crush on everyone above the age of 18 on that show, even Owen Wilson is doing it for me on here. Dunno what dark magic marvel uses to accomplish this but I love it. 2012 Loki’s shirt accentuating the tiddies is very much appreciated lol. Also the story is really good as well. Almost forgot to mention that.

    On the topic of jameela Jamil on she-hulk, I dunno how to feel. I love her but also dunno if she’s actually gonna get swole for the role. I love her but at the same time kinda disappointed she might not be swole. We really need more non-racists actresses who are swole to fill these roles man. Sucks so bad Gina carano turned out to be a terrible person. She was like the main one.

    On the topic of comics quickly, have y’all read the new static comic? I bought it because the artist nic was one of the crew on lesean Thomas’s Facebook fan group in like 2012-2013 where a bunch of us black artists and animators who are now thriving hung out. I haven’t read the issue yet but the art I saw on his twitter really has me excited when I’m done with my 2 jobs next month.

    Lastly, don’t know if you guys have been following the news surrounding studio Mappa, known for animating shows like Jujustu Kaisen, Yasuke and the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime. An animator that worked there recently tweeted some shade at their payrates and it turned into a whole thing in animator twitter. Since a bunch of us foreigners also regularly work on anime nowadays it was interesting seeing that some of us newbies were getting paid sometimes double what industry vets where. The rates are already low as hell for anime work, for example my job at a western studio I finished a couple months ago ended up with me getting paid 5 times the amount of all my anime work up to that point combined. That job was for a small studio too so when big conglomerates like Mappa pay so terribly it shows there’s a problem. And I didn’t even have to work weekends and got paid overtime for that. This lndustry vet was being offered rates below mine and he’s been working for 15 years, it was a mess. A whole lot of folks ended up commenting on it on twitter and it got so much traction mappa had to issue a statement basically blaming China for stealing all the good animators because they had the nerve to pay minimum wage at the very least. Mappa already has a reputation of being a factory like working environment and making too many shows at the same time that staff barely sleep so this pay controversy has really been shining a light on how shitty the industry practices are right now. It’s been very spicy on animator twitter in any case so just wanted to let y’all know in case you did. In any case, looking forward to the show, love y’all, Felix out.

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