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2358: Always Go To Dunkin Donuts

Rod and Karen discuss how to be giving without resentment, Coronavirus News, republicans want to make Biden take a cognitive test, Megan Thee Stallion calls out DaBaby, nun steals money for gambling trips, man pulls gun over Starbucks order, dine and dash abduction and sword ratchetness.

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1 Comment

  1. Mslitta

    First of all, I just wanted to let you all know how much I love your podcast. I am typically days late when listening because I listen on the way to work and home and that ride is not as long as your show.
    I discovered your podcast while I was driving back to Cali from Vegas alone early in the AM. I needed something keep me awake and the two of you delivered. I have been a fan since.

    I decided to finally comment on a show today because this show resonates with me. Recently I told my sister No and she wrote me a 10 page letter telling me how I was a toxic, evil spirited, mental person. She gave examples of why I was all of those things. It blew my mind and also hurt me. I had no idea she saw me in the way. I told her no because I needed a moment to collect myself. I had had a busy day and I was literally drinking wine and enjoying some random episode of whatever was on tv. I was doing Nothing, but in that moment, I simply didn’t want to be bothered. I set a boundary and she could not handle that. We have not talked since the letter.
    In the letter she said nothing was up for discussion, so I sent her a letter back simply saying, “okay”.

    Thanks for all of the good content!

    Ps. Big fan of Reading Rainbow. I have read several of the books that you have read excerpts form.

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