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SMR 346: Army Of The Dead

Rod does a solo review of Zack Snyder’s action heist zombie film “Army Of The Dead.”

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    Once I finished Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, I had a realization about 2004’s Dawn of the Dead: James Gunn really penned a good script to accompany Snyder’s direction in that movie. At first, I thought it was him that put it all together along with the screenplay & story, but nah, Zack just can’t convey what he wants on screen. Say what you want about Man of Steel, Watchmen & even his 4-hour Justice League film, his writers got solid depth of character & stories in ways Zack can’t depict, because he wants to do everything. Army has nice ideas, but they’re just not well through out. Same for the characters, since, most of them aren’t interesting. I thought Snyder had an excellent opportunity to make Tig Notaro more noteworthy than Chris D’Elia, but during those reshoots, he should’ve penned original dialogue to fleshen up a character originally casted for a man & you can tell how dull it is in execution, sadly. Not Tig’s fault, she did the best she could do, it just wasn’t corrected well. Nora Arnezeder’s Lilly was my favorite character & I just wish she was given more to do, because she had the best dialogue of the whole film.

    It does look nice, solid action set-pieces & I did like that the zombies had some depth to them, it’s just overbloated with tons of needlessness.

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