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2372: TheBlerdGurl

Rod and Karen are joined by Karama aka TheBlerdGurl to discuss her nerd origin story, her journey from editing to hosting to running her own company, being Black in the industry, the evolution of nerd culture, Black women dealing with harassment, gratitude, navigating Twitch, weaponized fandom, Karen learning to embrace being a nerd and obscure nerd shows we loved that were gone too soon.

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  1. EvieE

    Welcome back!

    This was a great episode. Karama had such an interesting story. I loved the conversation revolving around the evolution of nerds. To be a nerd when I was growing up meant the person with glasses who didn’t wear name brand clothes and was sort of smart. I didn’t really get into nerd culture until I got a little older but I fully embrace it. I love comics and manga and anime. It’s great that it’s become so popularized to the point where it has been emerged into our pop culture. People like Karama and groups like RDC have normalized black people of all ages watching anime and I love it.

    I was so happy when she recommended the Korean series Kingdom on Netflix. I’m not a huge horror person but I do love the zombie genre. I highly recommend that show. It’s so good. And you can watch it subbed or subbed. I find Korean zombie movies way scarier because they don’t give a fuck who gets killed off. And their zombies are usually fast as fuck. I’d also recommend Train to Busan if you haven’t already seen it. It’s a very popular Korean zombie movie and so good. I love watching Korean movies because they are rarely predictable and even with the regular dramas they will kill off main characters in a heart beat. They do not play.

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