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BDS 405: Stephen Apology Smith

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Stephen A Smith gets in hot water, The Bucks / Suns, Rod owes Justin and apology, Mike Hill on ESPN culture, Tristan Thompson beefing with Lamar Odom over Khloe thirst trap, Barkevious Mingo arrested for indecency with a child, MLB wants to grow Black representation, Cole Beasley, 49ers old groupie rules, Prince William upset with England fans racism, former DB arrested, Kawhi Leonard has surgery for ACL tear, people arrested for possible terrorism at MLB all-star game, Richard Sherman arrested in scary situation, Dwayne Haskin’s wife arrested for DV, Preston Smith outed as dead beat dad, Von Miller can’t see his kid, DILF and MILF, Antoine Walker scandal, Blazers never contacted Billup’s accuser, Brady had torn MCL, Lamar Jackson playing on concrete, NFL will have Black National Anthem forever, Maria Taylor contract negotiation, Travis Kelce’s name, Candace Parker on the cover of NBA2k22, Simone Biles shooting her shot, Sha’Carri offered vape endorsement, Scottie Pippen on AirBnB and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jemannuel Acho,

    I hope all is well.

    Congratulations to Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks for winning the NBA Championship! That nigga Giannis was *BALLIN*, my god. Dropping 50 with no regard for human life. Hawking the Suns down the court and blocking those damn shots like he decided to put those niggas on 23 hour lockdown. Shoe program indeed. Blocking shots like an uncle slapping a child’s dreams out the air. Ayton and Crowder in the paint might as well have been sponsored by Chik-Fil-A cuz Giannis saw them niggas as *food*. Giannis gonna be smiling for the next 6 months, as well he should. Goddamn that was fun to watch.

    And he went 17-19 on free throws, which is wild cuz I was slandering the fuck outta him earlier and I am so glad I was wrong! Special shouts out to that Milwaukee bar tweeted about offerings fans a shot for every free throw Giannis made.

    Shouts out to Jrue Holiday’s defense and sticking to Chris Paul like the stench of defeat. Congrats to PJ Tucker for beating the Rockets starting line-up en route to a ring and getting a ring before Chris Paul or James Harden. Bobby Portis laughing in Chris Paul’s face? I needs that as a gif cuz it was so good. Ball punchers never prosper, nor do old ass point guards who need 15 seconds of dribbling at the top of the key and then says his team needed better rebounding. Oh well.

    What do y’all think is hotter: the hot glue Jason Whitlock used for his old hair plugs or the heat on Whitlock’s neck knowing that Emmanuel Acho is coming for them coon coins? I can’t a dense nigga that speaks slowly to sound profound but he’s been carving himself a path. Shitting on Sha’Cari Richardson, offering smart dumb nigga takes on Richard Sherman (who I do hope gets the help he needs) and now he’s saying Giannis can’t be the face of the league. Acho chasing them soft shoe checks faster than he ever chased a defender when he played in Cleveland.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the great content!

    – Dough


    Hey Rod, Karen & JSPN

    I’m very happy for the Bucks. Initially, I rooted for the Suns to take it all but after awhile, I realized, it felt good to not have a dog in this fight & just appreciate these two teams. Suns & Bucks had dogs, it’s just that Milwaukee had a bigger one in Giannis. I saw people trying to downplay his ascension to being a new NBA face, which, fuck those semantics, siddity goalpost, moving assholes for that, but it’s clear he’s arrived. He seems like a good man, who’s happy to be in the moment, regardless, of how the goal is achieved. Suns kicked their asses from 3 & overall from the field, but Bucks were just better with second chance possessions, blocks,
    FT attempts & assisting. Even Giannis made his FTs in Game 6 doing his usual 10 mins at the line routine w/FTs. Very happy for Bud, since his job was on the line. I know it’s typical to say that guy didn’t make adjustments but he did SOMETHING. Who cares if it was obvious to the naked eye, he made them & they worked. The biggest one for me, was them taking Ayton out of the game. He wasn’t as effective as he was in the first two games. Counts for something, right?

    And poor ESPN, losing more black talent. Rod, whether it was this show or the main one, I remember you said that ESPN “picked a side by not picking a side” & that statement has some weight to it, since, look at what’s been happening since Jimmy Pitaro replaced John Skipper. Dude couldn’t even keep Kenny Mayne, for Christ sake. I definitely want to root for Malika Andrews, but, ya know, they keep losing black talent, while wanting to have all these moments with Ali, Tommy Carlos, MJ, Stuart Scott, etc. I mean, she’ll probably stay for awhile, but the cogs are breaking down over there & it was all avoidable when Jimmy & co made the decision to not talk politics on their respective programming. CBS, FOX Sports & the soon-to-be-departing NBC Sports Network were never going to replace you. Not ever & you caved like Nina Turner. Besides, those white viewers don’t really care about shit like that that much, considering that the aforementioned networks that have a Sports Channel tried some of the ESPN type of shit & it all failed. ESPN could’ve had it all & be bold in welcoming their talent universally. Alas, Maria Taylor’s soon-to-be PEACOCKing-self ain’t walking through that door anytime soon. Neither is Dan, Stugotz, Jemele, Mike Smith, Cari, Kenny, Mike Hill, etc. Hell, Robin Roberts ain’t walking through that door to save ESPN & she works for ABC. Anyway, peace.

  3. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod, Karen (if you up) and jp3!

    First and foremost congrats to Giannis and the bucks! It’s cool for you and ya 2 brothers to be in the nba, but awesome when all 3 of y’all got championship rings, even though Giannis had to buss his ass and get a 50 piece to do it while one brother rode the bench last year with the lakers and the other was in covid health and safety protocols. But hey now thanksgiving dinner won’t be awkward. Mama must be proud.

    Now on to the suns, although this was a fun series, I felt when the suns gave up that 16 point lead and the bucks won, was the turning point in the series. It also show us the peak or ceiling for the suns this season. The bucks defense and just the fact that the suns really should havent been in the finals if it wasn’t for injuries to other star players on others teams caught up with them. I caught the post game interview and ya boy was salty. All he was missing was some fries! Suns had a nice ride tho, but it was clear as day milwaukee was the better team! 50 year drought, wow! If I’m not mistaken, the knicks are at a 50 year drought as well but that’s gonna have to be about 55 before they even have a chance to break it.

    There’s talks already about repeat! Do you guys think it’s possible for milwaukee to Atleast get to the finals next season?
    Also was this finals a one and done for Cp3? Me and my pops has this discussion tonight and we both said this probably is his only shot at the finals or winning a ring, and he will end his career as one of those hall of famers who went to the finals but couldn’t get the job done, joining fine company such as Barkley, Ewing, Malone, iverson.

    Lastly 2 weeks ago I said suns in fo! But y’all know these iPhones and their damn auto correct, what I meant to say was suns gon lose fo’ lol

    You guys have a great weekend

    Appreciate you guys!

    Fyahworks out!

  4. SuavyP

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jittany Renner

    I’m BACK! And I have some late breaking news. That’s right! You can count on Suavy P to bring you the latest IG groupie tea… About a month or so ago, IG model Brittany Renner and her NBA beau PJ Washington welcomed a newborn into this world. They were the new “it” couple and a model for which fellow IG groupies could aspire to. Everything for the first time parents were going well it seemed… Well we know what they say about “all good things”.? They “come to an end”… because fast forward to today and it appears that the first time parents are “allegedly” calling it quits! They have both unfollowed each other on IG, and scrubbed all pictures of them together off their respective IG pages… We’ve all seen this play before.
    It remains unclear if the couple are officially broken up or on some form of hiatus. But the evidence isn’t looking too good. And poor PJ. He’s been getting (and predictably so) clowned on social media for playing and losing in the game of IG love and basketball. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming though. I mean the girl’s pretend cousin is Teanna Trump what did you expect! Even Lamelo Ball peeped game and didn’t fall for the trap. Let’s just pray for them and hope that they figure things out… you know, for the child and all.

    Alright y’all, I’m out!


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