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PG 295: The Story of Joe Pullen

Rod and Justin discuss Justin’s bday, renting vs owning, women changing men’s standards for themselves, airbnb vs hotels, Charleston vacation highlights, Black Summer, Vox Conversations – How To Forgive, handling disagreements online, Rod has a cavity, Joe Pullen story and listener feedback.



    I’ll keep it simple in regards to those who refuse to give you credit, Rod; &, those who keep blaming Biden & Dems for not getting the John Lewis bill passed & other subsequent bills: Should’ve voted in 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016 instead of telling Obama repeatedly fix the problem the Republicans started. Each time I see any of these “Do Something” motherfuckers on Twitter, I block or mute them. These be the same assholes, who want some form of a radical change, yet, be the same ones quitting when the going gets tough. Lost a ton of respect for certain people in the progressive space in the past 6 years, repeatedly doing the same performative shit that doesn’t work. Saying they’re gonna stay home because things ain’t happening fast enough, which, from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself & take your pussyhats with you, as well, you privileged sons of bitches. Woke & delusional at the same damn time!

    Furtherproof, some of these leftist types investment is merely temporary, at best. They’re worse than Republicans to me, in this aspect. No wonder people don’t care about them anymore & good. We need serious people who actually give a shit, not these anti-solutionary dickheads.

  2. SuavyP

    What up Y’all!
    I’m so glad to hear that someone other than myself has watched “The Morning Show” on Apple Tv. It is a great show and yes Rod, Jennifer Anniston acted her MF ASS OFF on that show! Jennifer Anniston was so good in this series, she made an entire Academy Award Best Actress winner (Reese Witherspoon) feel like a basic broke acting b**ch in comparison… Reese Witherspoon!!! And yes Rod, Jennifer was nominated for a Best Lead Actress Emmy last year but ultimately lost to Zendaya for her role in Euphoria. Also, the plot of the show is eerily similar to the events of the Matt Lauer “Me Too” fallout at the Today Show (hence The Morning Show as the name). Steve Carell , who plays the Matt Lauer-ish character was fantastic in his roll as well. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the show and even more blown away by Jennifer’s performance. I’m glad there is a Season 2 coming.

    Oh and Rod, If you liked the Morning Show and was impressed with the acting and the quality of the show, might I suggest that you give another primarily “hhhwhite” show a chance. “The Crown”….. I know… I know , you couldn’t (or could) care less bout those royal English muffins. But I really think you would enjoy it if you gave it a chance. The acting is top notch and John Lithgow absolutely Killed his performance as Winston Churchill. It’s also essentially a documentary as it chronicles a young Elizabeth and the many facets of how the Monarchy is ran. Like a lot of people said after the Megan Markel interview, “how did she not know what she was getting into, did she not watch The Crown??”. I know you’re a big fan of documentaries and although this is technically a drama, it plays as a documentary in the sense that most of the events in the show are true and can be googled for context. Give it another try and thank me later! Sorry for the length

    P. S…. I watched the iSniper documentary last week and as you described it is an amazing doc. I was able to watch it using Sling TV’s $10 intro promo which includes Vice and many other channels. But you could also just listen to “Monster” Season 3: DC Sniper podcast from iheart Radio or any other podcast platform for essentially the exact same content on the story as the Vice documentary but for FREE!

    Aight, now I’m out!


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