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SMR 350: Space Jam A New Legacy

Rod and Justin review Lebron James’ “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” We also respond to your feedback from our last review together.



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    For a company that has more IPs than its cinema brethren, Warner Bros. sure finds a way to not modernize them for the younger audience. No way, is this film made for kids; there’s just simply no way. The script feels like it was written by some white executive that “knows what hip in the streets” with the black community & the stuggle dialogue shows with everyone. Don Cheadle is fucking trying his damndest with Ali G Rhythm (terrible antagonist name, btw), by doing all the usual villianous, evil things we expect out of a villain. I honestly can’t even blame LeBron James here. While he’s definitely not good here, he’s not to blame for the much of this. The voice talent, also, does what it can here, as well, especially Zendaya’s Lola Bunny. The writing is just as bad as it was in the original film with Michael Jordan. Now, I don’t really care about product placement in movies. They’re usually harmless & don’t detract from the presentation, but one thing I do mind, in a film like this, is if the stuff mentioned from an IP isn’t funny & Space Jam 2 ain’t funny. It looks nice, so there’s that, but there’s not much else here.

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