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PG 297: Everyday Sloppy Toppy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss buying shoes in the pandemic, the Spotify deal ending, TV shows, Tamika Mallory interviewed on Jemele Hill podcast, Fantastic Fungi, listener feedback and some pregame news stories.


  1. fyahworks

    Hey nigz,

    1) Did you guys hear about dr dre eldest daughter, prior to his marriage to his current wife /ex wife? She 38 and living in a rental car while working door dash!

    2) Justin have you seen god father of Harlem? With Forrest Whitaker ?? It’s in season 2 and took a break and about to come back next Sunday!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  2. rodimusprime

    I wanted to chime in on the discussion about Cuba’s color revolution. This is why these young upstart wannabe socialist-abolitionists make me crazy. When I was younger I was enamored of Cuba and their revolution, and specifically one of the leaders of their revolution Che Guevara. He is actually the figure who I would say radicalized me, and I read many books on him. Anyway, several years ago I got my dream come true and snuck into Cuba – via Cancun – and Wow. Let’s just say it was not an idyllic socialist mecca where everyone is equal. Most Americans would not last a month there. On top of the oppressive poverty and heavy police presence, here is what I remember most: you couldn’t flush your toilet paper down the toilet – you had to throw it in a trashcan. This was throughout the city, even in one of the nicest hotels — there is no infrastructure! We ate at a friend’s house, and he shared his RATIONED food of coffee, rice, and beans. He was also trying to get the hell out, and is finally now in Dallas. Anyway, the point I wanted to bring this to is with these young socialists and abolitionists. Cuba is what happens when you don’t have a plan. They tore all that shit up in 1959, got rid of everyone rich, and then what? They put a doctor (Che) in the position of Finance Minister and the National Bank. WTF. So let’s say we could wave this magic wand and we all here voted for 50% tax on everyone. Then what? How am I paying my bills. What if I still want my doctor I’ve had for 30 years? Let’s say we abolished police and prisons tomorrow. Who’s catching the rapist/murderer? And where are we keeping them – your house? There are steps to this thing and a plan has to be in place, but that’s not sexy, and that’s not fast enough for this 24/7 news cycle world. Meanwhile, I stay plugging along with little victories here and there in my work. That was a long email – thank you for indulging me! Keep up the good work – you all are a bright spot in my day!


  3. Bad-Biscuit

    I deleted the Spotify app cuz I only used it for your podcast. Now, I’m. back to my Apple podcast app dedicated to the TBGWT+ premium. I’m happy to hear you all had a good experience with Spotify. It’s comforting to know how loyal y’all are to yourselves!! Your podcast is the only podcast I have listened to for years and years because the quality has been consistent. Always. Love ya!

    • fyahworks

      Hey guy, I would like to piggy back on what bad biscuit said. I definitely went to Spotify because of tbgwt! And now it is easier to have you guys back on Apple to coincide with the premium shit! Happy you guys have a safe and cool experience with them and getting every coin owed to y’all! Ya love to see it!!

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