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BDS 407: I’m Just Sayin’

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, DeShauan Watson, Cole Beasley, Kyrie Irving fires RocNation, TJ Ward, Terrelle Pryor crash, Joy Taylor being fine, The Cleveland Guardians, OJ gives Cole Beasley advice, Wayne Rooney blackmailed, World Athletics need to review weed rules, Simone Biles, Brittany Renner playing PJ Washington, Mahomes rookie card, Roddy White and Julio Jones weed lawsuit, Obama joins NBA Africa, Tyreek Hill prank, Kelvin Benjamin cut over weight, Canadiens draft sex offender, Ben Simmons trade offers, breakthrough cases in NFL, Duke Riley proposes to YesJulz, Costa Rican gymnast pay homage to BLM, teams using wristbands to track vaccinated, Te’a Cooper, Kayla Nicole getting spicy on the bird, Jason Kidd, Jaxson Hayes arrested over DV incident, racist bike coach dismissed from Olympics and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod , karen, and Janny green.

    So a light skin gawd, just got a bag worth 20 mil for 2 years in Philly. It was crazy to see they there were over 50 signings on day one of free agency, although most signings were for scraps.

    There was a lot of movement tho. Derozan and Lonzo to the bulls, Lowry to miami, melo, Dwight Howard and everyone over 30 to the lakers lol. I loved that spicy tweet from lebron tho. I think the lakers picked up some solid shooters for the cheap, but unfortunately gasol will be back who can’t even jump off the sidewalk.
    But with all the moves that were made, and signings across the league, MR. Das niggens still ain’t got no job. Y’all think Dennis the menace gonna get picked up somewhere meaningful? A lot of teams don’t have cap room for the money he demanding!
    The knicks did, but they gave Fournier a bag, resigned d rose and even picked up kemba off waivers for a cool 8 mill.

    Lastly, did you guys see the video of Bron pushing someone one who got too close in Vegas?

    Appreciate the fire shows every week!

    Until next time

    Fyahworks out

  2. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, & the LA Jakers,

    This is one of my favorite times of the year, where we gather as a family and celebrate our favorite NBA players (and Chris Paul) GETTIN’ TO THE MONEY!!
    Justin, how are you feeling about the Lakers bringing in more old heads than an Expendables sequel this season? I for one am always excited about how new rosters will fit together and all the bags being handed out.
    I have noticed how quiet folks are now that USA Basketball is back to handling business. I’m on the west coast, so the games are on just early enough (940pm) where I can watch without losing sleep and it’s been nice watching a relatively likeable group of NBA stars (and Keldon Johnson) gel as a group and small-ball the hell out these Europeans.

    As always, love the show! Stay blessed.

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