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TNO 172: PS5 Mechanics

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, ScarJo suing Disney, the Steam Deck console, Playdate portable console,  Activision Blizzard scandal, Ubisoft scandal resurfaces, TikTok will remove videos from nudity, Netflix gaming, HBO Max developing more GoTs content, Nintendo says no further plans for Switch, John Wick spin-off, The Rock not returning to Fast and Furious, Michaela Coel cast in Black Panther 2, Usagi Netflix show, Kevin Smith claps back at angry nerds, PS5 storage solution, Ruby Rose hospitalized, Arthur cancelled, 6 Underground not getting sequel, Amber Heard returning in Aquaman sequel, Nintendo pulled out of Olympics, Peacock and Paramount+ merger on hold, Sweet Tooth getting season 2, Capcom set records, consoles selling faster than ever, Die Hard prequel dead, people make the same choices in Mass Effect, Dragon Age Netflix show, Winston Duke working on Batman podcast, Ant-Man 3 starts filming and EVE Online drama.


  1. logan2x1

    Hey y’all it’s Greg.

    Y’all!! I gotta admit I hate watch Titans, but I like the action (black stunt coordinator Larnell Stovall and it looks like he follows you on Twitter because I saw him share a screenshot on his IG) and the costume designs and I like lord friendzone as Bruce Wayne, but i don’t like the way he’s written. I don’t know if y’all watched the beginning of season 3 yet, but I feel like they he operates his identity might be know but the police or something because WTF. They do all this extreme subversive shit, but the writing isn’t good enough to support it. They do all this shit that’s supposed to be cool, but it’s not meaningful and I tell folks who like the DC characters who are dissatisfied with Titans to go watch Young Justice, but I think think hesitate and don’t believe me when I say Young Justice is 10 times better than the live action shows and movies because it’s animated. I enjoy the CW shows, but there ain’t nothing like Young Justice. Young Justice is good because the characters feel alive and the action just so happens to be good, but the action is secondary to the character development. How are y’all liking it so far?

    Also I’ve been meaning to get y’all for years about my love of power Rangers and the black women of power Rangers, but that’s for another time. This is last minute as hell.
    Much love, Greg


    Denis Villenue, I really wanna like you, but you had to utter in the 12th paragraph in this french magazine called La Presse, that Dune won’t be taking any viewing links for critics hoping to review that movie safely away from the theater. The viewing link issues has been an dispute for awhile now. People who are not able-bodied can’t necessarily go to a theater, especially with COVID-19 & it’s much difficult kenfolk, getting folks sick. Also, for a man who loves movies, he seemingly hates money. The days of Endgame & Avatar are over. Casual audiences won’t risk it for this film. Matter of fact, they didn’t risk it for Blade Runner 2049 & how did that turn out, financially? Not fucking well. Dune looks spectacular, but it’ll look that way at home, pending the quality of TV. Directors are fighting a losing battle, once again; and, at some point, he’ll be changing his tune, when someone gives him a big ass check for a streaming platform to do some big level shit. Spielberg & Scorcese’s pro-theater asses haven’t said shit, once the check cleared.

  3. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope all is well. Ya mans is now fully vaccinated. I’m very relieved but will refuse to stop wearing my mask anytime soon. I recently bought a very nice black panther themed mask from Etsy with tchalla, okoye and nakia on it. Very happy. As I’m on a short work break from both my anime jobs I’ve had time to start catching up on stuff again and just chill. It was nice hearing Aaron again, it’s been a minute haha. Question for next time he’s on (hope he remembers), have you ever used an external graphics Gard to play games? I almost bought the new samurai warriors 5 with yasuke in it but after trying the demo my laptop can’t run it at 60fps in 1080p, let alone 30fps. I have to bring it down to 720p to get 60fps. It runs smooth as hell at that setting but I really didn’t think it would be a very intense game to run considering It doesn’t even have graphics that intense but I can somehow run battlefront 2 and mass effect Andromeda at 1080p no problem. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Onto what is actually important. They finally released a promotional image for the anime I worked on that’s airing in October but I’ll wait until the promo video is out to reveal what it is lol.

    Onto What if?, I gotta say, after watching episode 2, everything I didn’t like about episode 1 just became so glaring. Don’t get me wrong. I was foaming at the mouth watching swole Peggy kill some Nazis, but, it was kinda disappointing it just ended up being Peggy speedrunning the first cap movie. I was hoping for a bit more of a difference in the stories. It was a solid 7/10. T’challa’s episode though, Jesus Christ!!! They knocked that shit outta the park. The animation was even more refined! Chadwick looked and sounded good as hell!! (All shade to Peggy, Haley did not try nearly hard enough to sell her voice acting and neither did Bucky), discovering how good of a voice actor Chadwick was hurts even more damn. For an American black, the man really nailed that specific South African accent. Not gonna spoil anything but yeah man I fucking loved that episode, the racists mad tchalla was a better star lord than star lord made it even better. I haven’t had this good of a time online since black panther made over a billion and made all the racists mad in 2018. Can’t wait for the next time he appears on this series.

    On the topic of the star wars anime, the recent trailer they released looked so damn good (also a short condolences to the animators who must be working with tight schedules because of some of the behind the scenes stuff I’ve heard and some really bad in-between animation in the trailer, hope those Inbetweeners aren’t too tough on themselves and hope they get some rest). Congrats to a few of my homies that made it onto the project, I’m just gonna sit here and cry salty ass tears lmao. I need more than some boruto clout to get on these super projects lol. Hopefully this production leads to some actual full length star wars anime adapting some of the books or more new stories. I’m beyond excited.

    Onto comics, I read the first issue of the new icon series at milestone and really enjoyed it. I’m disappointed Reggie didn’t have Icon shucking and jiving a tad more, icon always was corny as hell in the old comics when I read them recently so I hope the dynamic with him and rocket isn’t entirely different but what he did change did give icon some bars tho. Just hope this doesn’t turn into icon dunking on rocket every issue. I know I’m harsh on Reggie but I do actually enjoy some stuff he’s made outside his terrible black panther comics so imma try and be reasonable here lol.

    On Michaela coel being cast in black panther. I’m really hoping they cast her as zenzi. I know it’s not a flashy role for someone of her calibre but it could set up some cool stuff they can do in the future more based on coates run. Either that or aneka would be fun because seeing her the midnight angel armour would be insane, I would like her as storm too but I too laugh everytime a black woman is cast at marvel and everyone thinks she’s storm before any other character lol.

    2nd to last, did you guys see the cast for avatar Netflix show? I’m intrigued and at first glance they don’t look terrible. I just really hope the crew around them don’t mess it up with the writing and execution. The quotes I’ve seen floating around don’t sound awful but the rumours about the plot changes have me really worried. I want something new over the framework of the show so it’s not like I’m against changes but I really hope they keep the spirit intact and don’t get bogged down in unimportant stuff like spending too long on action scenes and not having enough character moments. We’ll see.

    Lastly, on the topic of the dragon age netflix show. As a dragon age Stan, I’m excited but also really hoping they don’t focus on the elves and mages as racism allegories as much as the games do. As much as I enjoy them that shit is corny as hell and I much prefer they just have more focus on black characters (which they thankfully did in dragon age inquisition albeit played by white actors but hey for 2014 it was progress). If they focus on the big picture stuff and cool characters and don’t pay as much attention to the messy fantasy racism stuff they tried really hard to make a thing I’ll be happy. Hoping for the best. Ok love y’all, Felix out.

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