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TNO 173: Futuristic Sharecropping

Rod, Karen, Chris Lamberth and LJ discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Expendables 4, Olympus Has Fallen lawsuit, DaBaby canceled from Fortnite, Chronicle 2, Back 4 Blood racist zombies, AMC and WB strike deal, video for installing PS5 memory, SpongeBob, Naruto creature draws Naomi Osaka, Chloe Bennet exits Power Puff Girls, GTA remastered coming to Switch, Fortnight stream banned after rape arrest, Superman was supposed to be in The Suicide Squad, Twitch streamer has fire set at her house, Mackie will star in Captain America 4, gamers burn calories, Roblox struggling to moderate content, Riri will be introduced in Black Panther 2, Soulja Boy doesn’t own Atari, Toys R Us is back, Pokimane feeling burnt out, Batfleck, Halo Infinite, Tesla robots coming soon, Oscar Isaac cast as Snake in Metal Gear movie, Tom Cruise tried to pilot a jet, Epic offered Sony 200 mil, Armor Wars and Black Canary movie news.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen & whoever your wonderful guests this week are lol,

    I just wanted to write and thank Karen for the recommendation or praise you have given for ‘Y The Last Man’ . I copped the omnibuses off of ComiXology a few months ago off of your praise Karen and it was definitely worth it . I still have to finish the last 2 sets , I’m trying to finish before the start of the FX series which I’m definitely looking forward too ! Thanks again Karen


  2. Felix

    Hi yall, Felix here. Excited to see who this episodes guest is. Chris and LJ were awesome as usual last episode.

    Now that the season trailer is out I can reveal the show I’ve been teasing I’m working on is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. I’m on the rotation as of this season. You’ll see ya boi pop up on a couple episodes at least. Excited for everyone to see all the hard work we’ve put in. Also excited to see the Twitter discourse from my burner account. I became a fan of the books while working on the show and am really happy to have had the chance to work on it. Y’all can check it out on funimation (dub is pretty good thankfully) if you haven’t already. As I said when I cheekily talked about it awhile ago tho, if you choose to watch, be prepared for some mess. I love the books but the main character is a lot even by anime standards. If you can find something to enjoy with the rest of the cast and the action and world overall you’ll be richly rewarded. A lot of cool stuff going down this season. So please watch in October to support ya boi, pls and thank you haha.

    Onto other stuff, I have to say, after 5 episodes of What If?, I’m kinda mixed on it right now. I only really liked episodes 2 and 4. The rest didn’t do anything for me. I’m also disappointed with how stiff some of the returning cast are with their Voicework. Going from something like Rick and Morty to Sebastian Stan sleep talking through every line is rough. They really need to help them with a better voice director next season. Hopefully I’ve changed my mind by the end though, we’ll see.

    Onto other stuff, yo that Matrix trailer was crazy. Out of everything though the thing that made me tear up was seeing Jessica Henwick of Iron Fist getting the shine she deserves. I am so bloody happy to see her back isn’t broken after carrying both seasons of iron fist. My man Davis from that show already got his sexy ass on doctor who so just happy to see Jessica is about to get opportunities that match her talent. You love to see it. Hopefully Lana goes ham with all the allegories, metaphors and philosophy. I hope Finn Jones is looking at his phone seething seeing the shang-chi box office and matrix trailers hahahaha.

    Next, I was maybe 9 at the oldest when Knights of the old Republic came out but man an I excited for this remake. I have no idea what the story is so it’ll be all new to me, especially having tried desperately to play it but just not enjoying it because of how funky it is now lol. Really hope it’s great.

    Lastly, I read issue 2 of icon and rocket and bruv, the one page with a certain somebodies head has to the most iconic page I’ve seen in comics in years. Shout-out to the artist of the book, a fellow black British artist. And shout-out with zero caveats to Mr Hudlin. I was fucking blown away by the issue. He is killing it. I’ll forgive him for at least a quarter of that black panther run. Icon and rocket is phenomenal. Love y’all, Felix out.

  3. Banger316

    Hey rod, karen, and assorted nerd off crew this is banger aka lover of persona from twitter and omg that rick and morty finale oooohh weeee. Its so genius how they gave us all the answers to what we thought were all these super important deep canon/continuity questions only for them to go this aint even scratching the surface of what is to become and even bigger story arc over the next 70 episodes. The best example of this is when i watched the anime hunter x hunter only to realize when a map of the world was shown that all off what we had been watching for 80+ episodes was only a itty bit tiny grid on an infinitely larger world that was bigger than we could have ever imagined waiting to be explored. My brain is still trying to wrap around stuff like for example now that thanks to evil morty they cant freely travel without a portal gun between the central finite curve aka the Rickverse as i call it, and in essence their is not infinite # of beths summers or mortys going forward like previously, and how does this change how rick views them in terms of valuing them. Also what is the outside multiverse like where rick isint the smartest being in said actual universe. So many questions and as if the episode itself wasnt mindblowing enough then you have that monologue at the end by mr poopy butthole where he pretty much is walking us threw an existential nightmare where he says the amazing line of and i quote “Ever think about how horrified the people we love would be if they found out who we truly are? So we just dig ourselves deeper into our lies every day, ultimately hurting the only people brave enough to love us. Wish I didn’t do that. Wish I was brave enough to love them back. I don’t know. Maybe you should try it. We don’t have as much time as we think. Ooowee” Which thats heavy as fuck to think about well i better stop or else this will be 1000 paragraphs long thanks as always for reading my comment and i luv yall very much great show as always.

  4. Mwangangi

    Is it me or are a bunch of the What If episodes valid places for a Sylvie type person to hide — cause all these niggas ’bout to die.
    2 (Ego probably wins and consumes all the worlds)
    3 (Hank Pym goes postal and uses his 2nd amendment freedoms vs. the Avengers)
    4 (Wendigo Strange breaks reality)
    5 (Z-poc — these fucking Pyms are a menace — and zombie Thanos with almost all the gems is just icing on that cake of fucker
    Honestly — episode one and maybe episode three are the only realistic hope for any of these realities so far. Although I’m really hoping for some cross-realty team-ups before this is through.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and this episode’s guest,

    I just finished watching Superman and Lois, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am glad it will be returning for a second season. I wasn’t even put off too much by the teen angst, which is a staple of CW shows. I encourage those who might have been put off the show by the behind the scenes goings on to give it a chance.

    Having said that, although Nadria Tucker might have omitted some of her behaviors, as most do when telling their stories, I suspect that there is more than a little truth to her claims. Looking into the controversy surrounding Superman and Lois revealed that the storyline we got was not the original plan and Steel was supposed to be Lex Luthor. So, it’s possible that Tucker being vocal resulted in changes to address the criticisms the show knew would be coming its way.

    I continue to like What If…. (episodes 2 and 4 are my favorites thus far). I did thoroughly enjoy episode 5, as grim and terrifying as it was, especially the way it began and the voicing of the characters by the actors from the film with the exception of Spider-Man (damn Sony). I am anxiously awaiting to see the ways this series plays into future Marvel Productions. I wonder how The Watcher’s comments about meddling with time and it’s destructive outcomes will continue to manifest in the next Spider-Man and the Doctor Strange film that features Wanda/Scarlet Witch, cause if those words aren’t commentary on what we saw in WandaVision and what was teased in the No Way Home trailer, then I don’t know what is.

    Another offering that has been really solid is the second season of Star Girl. I wish they would give the other members of Stargirl’s crew the chance to do more since they are team members and not sidekicks, but I am hopeful that the actors who play Beth, Yolanda and Rick will each get their chance to shine as well.

  6. trojanscooter

    What’s up Rod, Karen and the Gaggle of Nerds?! Just wanted to take a moment and remind you all a ton of Milestone Comics are available now on DC Universe Infinite. Books featuring Hardware, Blood Syndicate and the 90s Static run is there. The newest editions of Static and Icon & Rocket are being released there day of also. Its not front and center right now but do a search and at the bottom you’ll see “Showcase Milestone” which will take you to the books.

    The Harley Quinn Animated Series book by Tee Franklin, a black queer disabled autistic woman, is also available on DCU Infinite. I’ve seen some people say they’’ll these once it’s outside of the app but I feel it’s important to support content by POC as soon as possible.

  7. rodimusprime

    What’s up Karen, Rod and guest hosts, and fellow listeners!

    So I actually went and experienced the Fortnite MLK in game event for myself. I know it’s wallowing in controversy online and it think there’s good reason for that but I could’nt just takes folks words for it, especially people who weren’t gonna indulge in it anyway

    Well it wasn’t bad at all IMO. You’re dropped into the mall area of the Lincoln memorial while video and audio of MLK giving the ‘I have a dream” speech plays in the background. There’s no normal building and shooting gameplay happening in this mode. You are encouraged to explore the area and in doing so you will run into various mini exhibits that give you various information about the civil rights movement and era. There are also minigames that include trivia, and jumping puzzles that unlock more information. Some of these can be accomplished solo, some require cooperation with other gamers. Open chat is disabled in this mode but you can use a predetermined set of reactions.

    I can see how something like this could be handled badly or be abused but IMO Epic did everything they could to ensure this experience was presented in a way that was sensitive to the considerations of a wide spectrum of potential viewers. They consulted with a lot of Black people on this project including his estate. I think it’s a great idea and provides another use for the video game medium. I’m wondering why somebody isn’t working on a museum or traveling game in this age of the COVIF where’s it’s harder or more dangerous to get around to museums and other places of entertainment and education.

    I’ve included a few screenshots of the even’t.

    Anyway thanks for reading this I’m out!!!

    Cory B of From the Canopy Podcast

  8. Mwangangi

    Anyone watch the last Neon Genesis movie? I loved that shit back in the day and I also loved the ending. ‘Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time’ is the fourth (and final) movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. That series is an updated version of Neon Genesis Evangelion (26 episode series from the mid-90s).

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