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2402: TikTok Explainers

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian J-L Cauvin of Making Podcast Great Again to discuss his upcoming stand up shows, walking the line in comedy, liberal vs conservative comedy extremes, quitting comedy, TikTok, Coronavirus News, man orders hit on estranged wife, clothing theft, man cuts off penis during police chase and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I couldn’t believe that guy didn’t stop reading after Phil McCraken. Has he never seen an episode of the simpsons? Never heard a prank call. What rock has he been under? It was hella funny though. They pranked the right one.

  2. Anne

    I laughed like a five year old when I heard the list of names from the council meeting. Back in the day we only had Pat McGroin and Ben Dover. The Millennials have raised the bar. Only TBGWT has quality jokes like this.

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