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PG 302: Dead Body Drop Off

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Clone Wars, Rod and Karen’s anniversary, TBGWT Day, Rod blocks his antivaxer friend, Pose, Mare Of Easttown, The Sellout, listener feedback and news.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Justin. Listening to your conversation about your hesitancy to start playing basketball. Let me tell you y’all are right to be. I started going back to the gym two months ago (masked). And even tho my gym required you to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination at the door there was nobody making sure ppl kept their mask on after they got through the door. Then when big delta came thru everyone was required to wear a mask again. But the other day I looked at the basketball court and they were playing 5 on 5 and over half of those niggas hooping had the mask under their nose or just hanging on their chin. And from the looks of them I knew a lot of them did not fuck with the vaccine. I just shook my head and made sure my mask stayed on properly. As always peace

  2. chubbzero

    What’s up rod Karen and Jarry Jelder. Did yall see that coon trying to get a photo opp yesterday in Venice? They cold ran his trump loving ass the fuck outta there! I’ve watched that video several times and it warms my heart every time I replay it. I can’t even get mad at that white woman with the gorilla mask on who threw the egg at him! Damn near almost got him upside the head too! Alright talk you guys later!

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