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2403: Eugene The Virgin

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead

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  1. PamelaM8

    Hey Rod and Karen! Just wanted to say that I appreciate the Walking Dead recaps/story time. I’m never ever ever going to watch the show, too gross for me, but I like to hear what’s going on. Thank you!

  2. EvieE

    Never thought I’d see the day when I was team Negan but I guess if someone sticks around long enough they grow on you. On the other hand I now cannot stand Maggie. She is such a hypocrite because if Glenn was alive and that was him on other side of the door she would have let him in. Plus they could have let Gage in, those zombies were 50 feet away. They had time. I hate her. And I’m disappointed in all those people who went along with her. Alden can go too. He used to be a savior so I know he did some deplorable shit so he needs to quit acting like he’s holier than thou. I hope this new group kills him and Maggie and stabs Gabe in his good eye.

    Eugene is such a pathetic creature but I’m rooting for him to get some coochie. I hope Stephanie at least let’s him sniff it. The show stylists really did a good job of making this actor look so unappealing because I met the actor in person and he’s tall, good looking and very personable. That dude be acting be acting. Give him an Emmy.

  3. mizzbarnes

    Que the ‘Rod was right music’…….

    the second Chocolate King does look like Roadblock. How did our crew recruit Snake Eyes AND Roadblock…LOL!

    So, now that I am caught up….Maggie is on some other shit…..like damn, honey……the fuck happen to you out there?!? She need therapy.

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