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SMR 359: Beckett

Rod does a solo review of the John David Washington thriller “Beckett.”

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  1. Selester63

    This wasn’t a good look for JDW, of the things I’ve seen him in (Ballers, Black Klansman, Tenet) this was the worst. I agree this movie seemed to be written for a white man as the main character and somehow JDW got the role. They could have gotten any cute white women to play Alicia Vikander’s role, I surprised she was in it for such a short time. Being a black man stranded in Greece he stood out like a fly in milk. It took perfect circumstances and coincidences for him to get from the small town to the US Embassy. After the crooked police realized he had seen the kidnapped boy, Beckett would have been dead 5 minutes later. As a JDW fan this was a let down but I hope he picks better roles.

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