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PG 303: Men With The Pot

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss a Covid scare a Justin’s job, The Bad Batch, Rick and Morty, mammograms, Pose, streaming services that suck, cooking Instagram, American Crime Story Impeachment, listener feedback and some local news.


  1. fyahworks

    What’s up my nigz

    Hope the week was kind to y’all!

    I wanted to do my version random thoughts…..

    Driving home Wednesday night from work, passed a church or two! And they have the thing outside that’s usually has messages or info.

    This particular church message was: “fall leaves are beautiful, but Gods blessings are breathtaking…. See you Sunday”

    I always wondered who in charge of those? The pastor? His wife? The deacon?

    Also, I didn’t know amanda bynes was in a conservatorship like Brittney spears. She trying to get out of hers, but the judge said not so fast! Come see me in 2023!

    Y’all have a great weekend, I can’t wait for the live show! I’ll be there virtually!

    Fyahworks out

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Karen, and Jinda Tripp,

    Rod – Thanks for mentioning “American Crime Story Impeachment.” I got on it the next day and it led me to the documentary “Truth & Lies: Monica and Bill” which had the actual footage. Listen, when that stuff was happening in real time, I thought completely differently. Let’s just say women can uphold patriarchy too. I had some not-so-nice thoughts about Monica, including bashing her for how she looked. Ugh. Now as a woman in my 50s, and with certain advancements in the women’s movement, I see it so differently now. I teared up thinking what it must have been like to be 23 years old, and, never mind who the guy is – getting dumped by the guy you’re in love with. Just being dumped is really hard. On top of that, your best friend totally betrays you. Then, one day you’re sitting in the food court to meet said best friend and the FBI shows up and says you’re going to prison – and they’ll get your family too — if you don’t spill the beans on your boyfriend who dumped you. Oh, and by the way, that boyfriend is the beloved President of the United States. WTF!?!? Who can handle that – and at 23!??! I get it, she knowingly slept with a married dude. But as I mentioned in the chat, I got to hear Pres. Clinton speak and was in his orbit, and that dude is radiating sex appeal. My husband said he would’ve slept with him. There’s no way an intern could have put up a fight against that plus he’s your boss. Monica mentions how she thought about committing suicide, and I can see it. The fact that she’s come out of it and now helps others demonstrates such resilience. Again, she’s far from a perfect hero, and she certainly had her part in this mess, but I believe in giving people a chance to course correct if possible. As for my end, I’m glad to have come full circle on this and be able to have a fuller picture and understanding and compassion. Thanks for the recommendation as usual!

    Keep up the the good work,


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