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SMR 361: Karen

Rod and Karen review Coke Daniel’s latest film, “Karen.” We also discuss your feedback.

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    Sigh, I expected better from this film. Not in terms of quality but in sheer unintentional comedy. Taryn Manning would’ve been better off leaning into her inner Walton Goggins & said nigger with her chest. I mean, sure, she played the role like a Karen, but I wanted her to go there. Don’t get me started on director Coke Daniels doing a poor man’s Spike Lee at the end of this shit & with Benjamin Crump & with the Saxophone player? The script was literally written by a siddity twitter nigga. It feels that way. Props to Jasmine Burks for not sounding like a bland Twitter avatar, but I needed more hilarious non-sense & I didn’t get it here.

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