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2408: Horsearoni

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    RIP to the Chocolate King, Roadblock and his PAWG.

  2. HvyWght

    You’d think in the Zpoc there would be an abundance of Louisiana Red Dot or Tony Chachere seasoning to spice up that roasted pony! But knowing they’d been eating deer, opossum, and squirrel, I don’t know why the kids would turn their nose up at horse (though I’d starve before I ate spider *silent shudder*). Zpoc cuisine aside, I’m gonna go against the grain here. I don’t think Maggie’s goal is to kill Negan. She DEFINITELY has personified “I wanna shoot you so bad my d*ck is hard” in the past, but I don’t see what she gains by drawing it out in this way. She would have been forgiven on the spot if she shot Negan down the second he came back from that cabin Carol put him in and she told him so. My hunch is there’s something about this “Meridian” that she’s not telling the group. And it’s time sensitive. She’s in a blind rush to get back there and I genuinely don’t think it has anything to do with rebuilding and preserving Alexandria or the starving people. And, whatever it is, it requires man power that can handle themselves. I think when Maggie said Gage “Made his choice” it was more about him choosing to be coward enough to run and not smart enough to close the train door behind himself. Gage punked out, she’s cool with his death. Agatha has courage and can fight, that’s a loss she don’t wanna take amid everything else going wrong. Which brings me to the Reapers. Nigga. The scariest thing, and the reason they’re more scary than The Whisperers to me is that A)They’re trained and B)They don’t seem to have any motivation. With the Whisperers, they couldn’t fight. Except for Beta, if the Whisperer doesn’t have the element of surprise, they’re an easy kill. I’m excited to see what the story develops, cause we seem to be taking a darker turn than we’ve been in since Terminus. Lastly, the Saviors actually did attack our group first! Neegan had roaming bands of gangs finding communities. We know Gavin and his group had The Kingdom, Simon and his group did Oceanside, and, before Negan showed up in full force and before the group went to the satellite outpost, Little Timmy and the Dickbergade attacked Daryl, Abe, and Rosita in the gas truck on the way to Alexandria. Now, Daryl blew them all away with the rocket launcher, but they were Saviors and they were going to kill Abe and force the others to take them back to Alexandria to start subjugation.

  3. EvieE

    This new group the Scavengers is probably the scariest group this show has ever had because when you see them it’s already too late and plus this is the first major antagonists who weren’t in the comic book so we have no idea what to expect. They’re gonna be a real problem.

    I think I now hate Maggie more than I did Henry.

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